matt cutts at google

  1. MattCutts

    Can You Guys Get Rid of The Background in These Photo's for Me? - Matt Cutt Pictures

    Wah Wah, again late to party guys. Once again the black hatters reject me. I can't get anything right :(
  2. Bostoncab

    Hey Matt Cutts is Larry Page a "drug dealer"?

    It seems to be what this article is alleging.
  3. L

    Is Google's Matt Cut Lying? Q: on Aged Domains

    I would like to hear from some experienced practitioners please - those who have tested. Is it true that all things being equal 1)domain age (say around 2000) make a difference in fast ranking? I want to know if it's true that if you launch new websites on an old domain (let's say even a blog...
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