1. mysi88

    Question regarding Card Payments - VISA/MASTER/etc.

    Hey, could you let me know what would be an essential element of the site when your members need to make monthly subscription payments (i.e. automatic withdrawal of X USD for instance from their bank accounts)? Should that be included in the Privacy Policy and/or TOS? Any other additioanl...
  2. iLatvian

    Hello there! Im new..!

    Hello guys my name is Kristaps. Im 22 year's old! I've been reading forums posts for somewhile now and i have made my account here! Now i found out what niche im going to do and i'd like to say big thanks to all of you. In near future im planning to share my ideas with you guys.
  3. D

    Want to be part of awsome structured mastermind group?

    I'm putting together a new mastermind group of like-minded business owners to help each other grow our businesses. You must currently have some type of business that is in progress or currently running. This will be a Skype/Google Hangout Mastermind Group. I am limiting the group to 5-6 people...
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