1. ristoriel

    Best proxy for massplaner

    hi,i want to grow 700 pinterest account on massplanner. which proxy will be best for me ? any cheap one? And how much it will cost?
  2. emvam

    Need help to Facebook group with massplanner

    Well, I heard that massplanner is still active not sure but some1 told me you can get it via invitation. Actually I want to build a FB-group for a specific niche and that's why I need automation software. can any1 tag or share me with any updated good guidelines about it?
  3. G

    How do I get my bot up and running again???

    Hi and sorry in advance for my english! I have already been able to answer some questions by reading this forum, but I would like to learn a bit more. I used to work in IT and run a part-time online shop, but was never the king of online marketing and I'm trying to change that now :-P About my...
  4. Azzez

    Looking for social growth with bots

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to grow Instagram and Twitter accounts using Massplanner or some other bot software. Can anyone here help? thanks
  5. S

    Social media VA with spanish and know mp

    Hello, I need a VA for social media tasks in FB, IG, YT Should understand spanish without use translator The tasks: -Create around 100 profiles in this networks, I provide the proxies, emails and phone numbers to verifications -Give humanity to the profiles, programming campaings in MP, getting...
  6. G

    Issue sharing Fb Page posts on multiple profiles?

    I have several Facebook profiles where I share page posts in order to gain page likes and create post engagements on that page. I just got several accounts blocked immediately after sharing a post from my Fb page. I automatically program the shares with Jarvee. Anyone solved this issue?
  7. jackmorgan

    How to automate DM with filters in MP?

    Hi guys. As the title says, I struggle with automating sending the messages in Jarvee. Basically, what I want to do is to send messages to people that have more than a number of followers, and have certain keywords in their BIO. Tags would do fine too. The thing is I don't want to send these...
  8. N

    Social Media Manger using Jarvee or Massplanner?

    Hi Guys, I want to hire a social media manager running on Jarvee or an existing Massplanner license for a Instagram account i can pay monthly payment. Please PM me !
  9. Z

    jarvee blocks problem

    hey i don't know if anyone else is getting many blocks with jarvee but it's happening to me i was running Massplaner with no blocks and transfered my accounts to jarvee and started to get follow and like blocks. i didn't change proxies or anything. simply tried to run them in jarvee and get...
  10. Tony Fiasco


    Cheers, We are searching for new members for our Engagement Group! The requierements are: - You have to use some kind of automated software for giving likes (Massplaner,Followliker etc.) - The accounts have to be of a certain quality (No Spam accounts, good engagement) - Maximum of 3 posts a...
  11. emvam

    Which bot i used use now for Facebook

    Hello guys, juat a few months ago i read about MP automation bots. But when i tried to start i saw that MP stop they're service. Actually i need something like MP for Facebook. I need something from which i can search group -> send friend request to group users -> auto cancel friends request...
  12. L

    Can the Followliker One Account License Have Multiple Projects under same account?

    Hi! I purchased FL about a month ago and have seen many of you post tutorials mentioning running tasks as different projects. However, when I try to open another instance of FL to start a new project (with that same, one account) it says "You have already added 1 account, which is the maximum...
  13. emvam

    Need help for massplaner

    I'm new so need help about messplaner. Actually i wanna use mp for Facebook. So is MP goof for Facebook?
  14. El_Pedro_Blanco

    MassPlanner is shutting down its service because of Instagram!

    Wow.... This is big! Hi guys, We know how much you love MassPlanner and we appreciate your support all this time. Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you today. Due to a request from Instagram, we were forced to shut down our services. Effective immediately you will no longer be able to...
  15. bmbsa

    FollowLiker vs MassPlanner for instagram

    Hi, I am looking for some instagram automation tool that will help me grow my account followers by automating following/unfollowing/liking,commenting/etc. For those who tried FL, MP or both can you please share your experience with these tools. which one is better and it would be great if you...
  16. darklich

    Twitter and Mass Planner

    Hi, I have an old twitter account (from 2013) that I did not use for long time (I had about 80 followers). I started to follows people in the last 3 weeks, so I manage to added about 250 new followers in that time as I wanted to be safe. I want to take that account to 10K+ followers... I have...
  17. Greengolegend

    Journey to a big instagram account yet again

    whats poppin BHW people, A few years back I had a persenol instagram account at almost 100k followers. I deleted it after a while because of depression and stuff like that. I got over it all, and now I'm going to build it all back up. Yesterday I reached 1k followers and I follow around 2,6k...
  18. S

    Mass Planner Begginer

    Hello BHW! I am new to using Mass Planner and know that you need to start slow with for a new account. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some settings to get my new luxury niche account started off right? So that I may pull in a good amount of followers and steadily keep increasing...
  19. Greengolegend

    Mass planer followers gain per month?

    Hi Bhw people who use massplaner for instagram. How much followers do massplanner help you gain each month? A raw estimate would be helpful. Thanks a lot! Truly yours, Greengo
  20. KORO22

    About IG and MP. Can MP change account bio, info?

    I want to work with IG+MP ,but need to change my account bio, can i do i from MP?