mass twitter accounts

  1. flashsites

    What is your Mass Twitter Bot Secret Sauce...

    I know this is a big ask and probably will get ignored. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a legit twitter traffic service here so I've decided to bot myself. But Im new to running bots on Twitter and need someone with experience to give me sort of an outline for success. My goal is only to...
  2. B

    Mass Twitter Login Bot

    Hi does anyone know a mass twitter login bot? or a software that allows you login to up to 200 twitter account at the same time and do and the same action (Like Tweet and unfollow a specific user on all the accounts) :D
  3. K

    help me create random account twitter!!! :(

    please help me some account twitter , or show me to create random account twitter!! help me!!
  4. D

    making mass twitter accounts

    I know this has been posted all over the place but its always changing. As of current its impossible from what I have seen to make twitter accounts now with proxies unless they are private proxies so this means programs are worthless that make accounts. I heard about a website that has a free...
  5. M

    Need Several K Custom Twitter Accounts

    hey there. i am looking to get accounts by the 1000 with random location or blank location, blank bio, but with a picture and a background. The tricky part is I will need them to be the names I give you either in an excel file or txt or whatever you prefer. The guys I hired to do this for me...
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