mass mailer

  1. D

    I am looking for a bulk e-mail program

    Good day everybody, I am looking for a program which I can send bulk e-mail lists with (like sendblaster). I need to be able to send the mail with SMTP server. I am looking for a program with the following two options: -Letter rotation (multiple letters rotating on the sending list) -SMTP...
  2. flashsites

    Need massive dating email blast

    Hi I'm aware dating email blasts dont convert well but hoping to get a good number of inital users with a large enough blast. Someone on fiverr from Nigeria wanted to charge me 175 to blast a 150m list. I'm not sure if thats a good price due to low conversion. Do any of you offer this service on...
  3. O

    I need an smtp mass mailer

    I need a good smtp mailer that can be set up to send from hundreds or thousands of smtp accounts (outlook, gmx, yahoo, or whatever else). All mailers I have seen up to now can only log to one sending account at a time. Please help Thanks
  4. O

    Need Suggestion On free inbox mass mailling solution cpa and email list

    I have $0 budget just starting and broke just for data, I have an account with ogads, I have an email list of verified from u.s facebook users over 1 million, I want to mass mail them and try and raise some bucks from there to raise a startup. even if the conversion is 0.01 am ok with it...
  5. A

    Anyone still making big bucks in the bulk email game?

    anyone making bank sending bulk mail still??? $25k+ /month? what size lists are you working...? mailing to gmail, yahoo, hotmail....or cable...or whats making the most these days? Thanks for any info, much appreciated!
  6. s4nt0s

    GSA Email Spider - Powerful Email, Phone & Fax Search Engine Scraper + Mass Mailer

    USE Coupon code "Spider" during checkout to receive -$10 off. Want to give it a test drive first? Grab the free trial below: F.A.Q. Q: How does licensing work? A: No need for transferring licenses. Install the software on your own machines, but only run it on 1 machine at a...
  7. B

    Any recommendation for a Mass mailer for my emails, I plan to send over 500

    Any recommendation for a Mass mailer for my emails, I plan to send over 500
  8. S

    does anyone have this mailer?

    I saw a post somewhere else about the following mailer: on youtube /watch?v=YqvtVzRubcc Is it for real or is it a scam ? Anyways it is too expensive for me ($800) does anyone have a nulled version ?
  9. B

    I need a list of e mails from just Colombia, South America?

    I am looking for someone to scrape e mails from Colombia S America where i live or can teach me how to do it. I then need to set up a server (rented) and start a campaing. I am an author of language books that are already in the two major book store chains and am simply looking to pull traffic...
  10. F

    What will/best features for a Mass mailer

    Hi, There are number of times people asked me can I code a mass mailer for them? They want to send mail through gmail or other? rotate it.... I just wonder! wow! So, Hi again! Can you tell me what could be the features and funcationalities that will make a good mass mailer. May be...
  11. D

    Mass Youtube Mailer (A Project i Made a While Back)

    Hey, i made a mass youtube mailer a while back. It can send about 50 emails untill it reaches a time limit. If anyone knows how i could bypass that would be helpfull. Link is in php syntax... as i cant post links <?PHP $url .='projects'; $url .=''; $url .='/massyoutubemailer''; print...
  12. A

    Looking for someone to MASS MAIL for me

    Are you an expert in bulk mailing? I'll probably need to mail something like 200,000 per month. Let me know cost, etc. Thanks, Aaron
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