1. T

    Doing Mashup and Remix Music

    Hi! I'm actually a new youtuber and I would like to ask since the rules in youtube was changed. Can I earn money by doing mashup of 2 or more songs and do remix within the song. 1. Could it fall under the 'fair-use'? 2. If yes can I earn money in those video without letting the ones who owned...
  2. AlexMit

    [BETATEST / REVIEWS] Amazon / AdSense Mashups - Extreme Niche Sites!

    Hello BHW, A brief history: For the last five years we have been building Amazon and AdSense oriented websites. We started with building simple MNS sites for AdSense. Then we decided to build product reviews sites and sell Amazon products via them. At last, after a great amount of various...
  3. AlexMit

    {{ FREE }} Website-Mashups Generation for BHW Members - Articles, Q&A, Videos, Images

    Dear friends! I would like to offer you to generate the "website-mashups" using your keywords. The result is a static website (html pages) on every page of which will be: Article (one or more articles by keyword from open sources) Bing Images (several images by keyword) Google / Bing News...
  4. J

    Best RSS mashup?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend their favorite free RSS mashup? Many thanks in advance!
  5. C

    Attn Mashup site expert

    I need some one who has experienced in creating mashup site.Hav around 10 projects tat i need your help.Payment via paypal:)
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