marketing plan

  1. Mominul Islam

    What can be marketing plan and SEO plan for mybsite

    Hi, I have created a website. My niche is Craigslist posting service. Now I want to know what can be the total marketing plan and SEO plan for my website? Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. T

    Seeking SEO, Sales/Squeeze page, Marketing Plan Consultant & Services

    Hello, I am looking for a SEO, Sales/Squeeze page, Marketing Plan Consultant. I am in the commercial real estate niche and trying to structure a strong lead generation marketing system. I have a domain, I have hosting, I have optimize press and all the tools I think I need. I have a good idea...
  3. popzzz

    [GET] 30 Minute Infographics - WSO 781890

    30 Minute Infographics - WSO 781890 ..... popzzz ~ ..... popzzz ~ ..... popzzz ~ ..... popzzz ~ And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah ..... ..... popzzz ~ WARNING: The file(s)...
  4. F

    Needing experienced professional to help assemble marketing plan

    Looking for someone who has deep experience in white and black hat SEO / SEM approaches to help assemble a solid actionable marketing plan for a new product / startup launch. If you are interested in discussing this, please PM me. I would like to know your rates, experience and a portfolio...
  5. S

    Looking for a marketer to drive traffic in exchange for equity in our site

    Hey everyone I am the founder of user generated audio website that currently consists of over 30,000 audio files. We have been around for a little under a year and have experienced tremendous growth. Our site has been labeled the "youtube" for audio. We are currently looking for someone...
  6. V

    Business Plan writing