1. W

    Hey guys can’t wait to start!

    My name is Lana and I came across Blackhatworld while searching to grow my traffic on porn hub. My partner and I always enjoyed making videos for ourselfs but we’ve been together for 3 years and decided we want to share what we do behind closed doors to basically the world. We’ve been posting...
  2. W

    youtube livestream viewers 24/7

    Hi guys, do you know any panel that offer livestream viewers 24/7, I see a lot of big youtube channel with fake viewers on their livestream 24/7, so I would like to know where they get it from. Also once they stop the channel, their views are transferred to the video and are not deleted by...
  3. MrDiamond

    Hey guys! College graduate, former D2D rep, long game player introduction.

    Hi there! I am completely new here, and I can tell you right now I feel like I'm going to be right at home once I find my way navigating around this gorgeous arena of intelligence. I was recently put on to BHW by a friend of mine who ran a mobile dispensary out here in California. When I saw...
  4. Remyx

    FB Ads For Print On Demand Products. How to target professions + Interest?

    Hi everyone, I created this post to ask for an advice or to find a guide. I hope this is a right subforum. I am learning to sell POD products online. My design idea is simple: profession + interest/hobby like nurses who like sewing, police officers who like fishing, firefighter-fitness and so...
  5. P

    Anybody from China who could Data mine for me?

    I want the list of jewellery purchaser and gemstone purchaser from China who are into this business. Their email ids and phone number...
  6. C

    Growing instagram acc

    Hello, I'm new in all of this so I need help with growing an instagram account. I am at around 500 followers rn but growing so slow that I think I am doing something wrong. Any suggestions? It's a luxury + motivation page.
  7. johntoutou

    i need a bot

    hello I really need a bot like follow liker but for free because I am broke and paying debts now and unemployed so I really cant afford any bot :( if anyone knows how I can get free bot please share with me thank you! I will need the bot to use for work with ogads posting lps on social media...
  8. C

    Looking for Advice

    I am new here, perhaps this isn't the best place, but we shall see. I have ran several campaigns in the past and had technical difficulties as we scaled (roughly 3 reg/min.). Finally this is resolved, now we can take on 10x concurrent leads. My problem is, not sure if my approach is the best...