1. See you vader

    Paying someone to do Facebook Ads for you ?

    I've seen so many dropshippers struggle with doing advertisement . Why not pay someone else to do it for you (fb ads and google ads)? Can you do it for cheap, how cheap ? Will they get you good results ? Experienced people, you are summoned.
  2. C

    Twitter users that can be messaged directly

    Hello, first post here and im new to this I am a computer engineer and not a marketer directly, I am trying to gauge the market here and see whats in demand for people who want to market stuff In Twitter there is an option to let people get dmed without them needing to follow you Would...
  3. F

    Any tools I can use for local citation or data agregator submision?

    Hi what are the best and cheapest posible tools for data agreagators submision and local citation? I was not able to find one that didnt required manual work . Offcourse you can hire someone but will be expensive. Please let me know a tool I can use to automatic do this work. Thank