market samuri

  1. F

    Amazing KEYWORD tool with a-z and yahoo questions scraper

    I bought this keyword tool afew months ago and its had some very good updates since, i think it might need cracking or be nulled, i am not sure thought i would share it here and see if people can either get it to work for them or have a smart cracker on here to null it give it a try anyway, it...
  2. D

    Market Samurai running badly on Linux. Alternatives needed.

    I know that threads about Market Samurai alternatives have been posted here before, but none too recently, so I felt it was OK to post a new request. Seems like some Market Samurai issues (slowness etc) have always been dependent on Adobe Air. Today they pushed through an update claiming that...
  3. I

    Custom or best real time serp software

    Hey, guys, I was thinking if anyone here knows of a software that updates your serps in real time or with simple refreshes thats easy to use and see in a (list view format) example...I would like to place lets say 4-5 vertical lcd monitors that track several hundred keywords by category on my...
  4. bigkee42

    Choosing Keywords

    I wanted to find suggestions on the best keyword tool between Keyword Elite ($199.99....I think) and Market Samurai ($149.00)? I know they have different features, but I was looking for BHW user suggestions. Price is not a factor....just added for others that are considering to purchase either...
  5. M

    Market Samuri adds Monetization Module

    MS adds new module -It finds affiliate programs to promote and then check out which products are best and most profitable. Only searchs affiliate programs on CB, CJ and Amazon. Has ad builder to help write ads and then pushes it online.
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