market research

  1. Kirte32

    Market Research Tools To Uncover Big $$$ Trends

    Here is a list of sites/tools I use to do market research. My favorite way to use these resources is to find multiple products that are selling successfully and have similar underlying emotional drivers. This helps me validate that this emotion/market is trending upward and from that, I can sell...
  2. JuicyLucy

    Picking the RIGHT NICHE

    Hello guys, I would like to hear your insights into how to figure out which niche would be better. I know that you have to passionate. I know that competitiveness is a good thing. But I believe that numbers don't lie. So, figuring out which niche is best for you is one of the most important...
  3. S

    Is google maps selling traffic data? Are there any tools/services to find out the busiest streets in an area for market research?

    Hi, I dont know if this is the right categorie for this thread, anyway: We are planning to open an international offline franchise business. Are there any tools/services to analyze google Maps traffic (real offline traffic from cars in this case) for certain regions etc.? For example: We...
  4. T

    The True Value of Market Research

    The first step to creating a successful campaign is to understand who your audience is. A company selling luxury items and a company selling cheap value items will have two different target audiences and should be treated as such. This could easily get lost in the process of reconfiguring your...
  5. I

    Market Research Without Getting Banned?

    Hi guys. I'm currently trying to do market research on my product range. I have 10 products which I'm testing and I'm currently Direct Messaging followers of pages in my niche asking which is their favorite. I need 30 responses but the response rate is like 10-20% so have lost a few accounts...
  6. P

    NEED affiliate cpa HELP : newbie

    Hey !! ( sorry for language if there's any error, not a native speaker) I want to get started with Affiliate and CPA stuff, and I have many questions and doubts... I want to know how it is practically done... from choosing the product, then to doing the market research, creating the Ad...
  7. pj777777

    Where to find audience demographics?

    Hi guys, Looking to undertake some market research. Anyone know of any sites or strategies to quickly uncover audience demographics for competitor sites/ social media channels etc. Thinking of something similar to, but with more detail. I'm okay with a paid for service, but would...
  8. akata arafat

    the new man in the house

    I'm Akata Arafat by name, I'm a freelancer. My areas of expertise are; Market research Data analysis Lead Generation(I will scrape you every member of a fb group or page. Digital marketer Article writer
  9. IamNRE

    Would anyone be interested in Sales Funnel?

    Anyone here with too little time, but still want to get into the Internet Marketing world of making money online? I'm thinking about putting together a premium service where you provide the market you are interested in, and I'll carry out a deep market research into that market and find a gap /...
  10. SubhoC

    I will do internet research for you for FREE!

    I'm testing whether I can monetize my skill for researching things on the internet. Right now I will only accept request from 3 members. Just send a topic to research about and I will research about it on the internet for 1 hour. For eg- AMD Ryzen, try to find download links for a 'specific...
  11. IProvideSEO

    Want to know where people find small businesses to hire? Market Research survey

    I invite you to take a few seconds and answer a short 5 question survey that I created This survey will help me and you better understand the way people find business, whether it be online, in newspapers, from referrals or advertisements. My goal is to Reach 50 Responses...
  12. L

    SEO Tips for B2B industry

    I was wondering if anyone can share tips regarding SEO for B2B industry. My site is a B2B product site, which is into Company Research, Market Research, that sells reports etc. I have seen a lot of B2B competitors doing paid PR's, Articles, Blogs, etc. Even I'm doing Articles and Blogs. Also...
  13. C

    Looking for someone who can help with reviews yelp,google place,yellow page in new york

    Hi guys i need someone who can provide me a review for my local clients in new york you will post review in; google place yelp yellow page this is ongoing work .. Pm me with a price for each review or bulk ... Thanks
  14. P

    Market Research

    In the emerging trend of market Bharat Book Bureau is one of the leading company which deals with the market research report, country reports, company profile and online databases as well. Since past twenty four years it is a consulting firm which consist of huge collection reports from...