1. dnzul

    [$ IDEEA] HHC + Disposable Vapes?

    Hello, Recently, I came across a new substance called HHC, which is a synthetic cannabinoid. In my country, marijuana is illegal, and many people want to get high regularly but can't afford it due to its high cost and dangers. Since HHC is a cannabinoid, it provides a similar level of high...
  2. Viridescent

    My verified Emails + Your method= Make money

    Hello! I am Viridescent, I've been working with email lists for a couple of years mostly for clients, these days I've been thinking about starting a business and have passive or semi-passive income. I have with me around 10 to 60k verified leads (Could be more than 150K if I add the ones that...
  3. Nihilism

    Anyone got experience with private label weed?

    I'm looking into this as my local hustle, since it's legal here and I already have contacts in the industry. The idea is simple, buy product, re-package it with my brand, sell to dispensaries and delivery services. Has anyone done this before?
  4. RUSH420

    Anyone want to talk CANNABIS MARKETING?

    High Everyone! I am a cannabis marketer with a few of my own sites plus I do work for other cannabis clients. Mostly graphics and video but I am getting more and more into SEO, PPC, Content, etc. If there is anyone else who wants to communicate and exchange ideas on how we can promote cannabis...
  5. R

    Cannabis on Google Ads (Adwords)

    Hi guys, This is the first time I'm getting into some "troubled" products, such as cannabis. This potential client is selling ONLY in Canada, where the magic leaf is perfectly legal, but Adwords is imposing its limitations anyway. The client says that the only way is to open different...
  6. high mike

    which direction to take for my weed blog?

    I had the idea to create a marijuana focused blog weed porn niche (not actual porn) I don't know which direction to go in this niche. I have an IG with 25k followers with each post 1-3k likes all organic hand grown, specifically for the marijuana industry. if anyone has any creative ideas i'm...
  7. angus007

    Who can do press release for cannabis?

    Anyone who are able to do press release for cannabis?
  8. B

    Cannabis Audience

    Hey All, I'm looking for audiences in the cannabis niche to market my ecommerce website to. Does anyone have any blogs or SM with large followings that would like to work something out? Please PM me if you have email or social audiences in the cannabis/weed/marijuana niche and I would be...
  9. Nowicki2018

    Instagram Marijuana Niche

    I just got accepted to a nice affiliate network that sells everything related to marijuana and vaping such as pipes, oils, etc. I know marijuana Instagram niche accounts are fairly easy to grow and monetize, and hot girl niche Instagram accounts are even easier to grow but so much on the...
  10. Whateverest

    [HOT] CBD Oil Is Now LEGAL & SELLS Like Crazy. Don't Miss Your Chance!

    Payment terms - The 1st business day of the month (for previous month earnings) Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - For any additional questions contact us at - [email protected] Become an affiliate of VerifiedCBD NOW -
  11. LandraceAgency

    Hello BlackHat World!

    My name is Willie Green. My entrance to social media was made due to the fact that I realized while building presences on various cannabis forums, that the real movers and shakers in cannabis wanted nothing to do with social media at the time, so I thought I'd jump to bridge the gap. My goal...
  12. MasterofMoney17

    can someone create a marijuana niche email list?

    I need someone that can create an email list involving women and the marijuana niche. PM me if you can do this or know someone that can. Price of your work can be negotiated. Also I'm looking for a telegram group or a group in general that consist those involved in the marijuana niche on...
  13. yongnato

    Making Money with the 420 Industry?

    Hello guys! I've been a silent reader in BHW forum for so long. And just now I decided to post something. As you know since Marijuana legalization is starting to take places in some places of the world. the 420 industry is rapidly growing. And like a lot of stoners (or in my case, ex stoner...
  14. MasterofMoney17

    CreateSpace and Marijuana book issues?

    I've been running a marijuana niche Instagram account. I want to get into writing a ebook on the topic. i want to publish it through Amazon using Createspace. Does anyone know if Createspace or Amazon would deny or reject this book from being publish because its about marijuana?
  15. MasterofMoney17

    Marijuana Instagram niche experiences?

    Does anyone have experience in the marijuana niche? Does Instagram target these niches and try to shut them down? I'm trying to start a marijuana Instagram niche account and eventually sell ebooks on the topic. Also do the Feds go after marijuana books if the writer lives in a state that it...
  16. MasterofMoney17

    Marijuana niche issues?

    Does anyone have experience in the marijuana niche? Does Instagram target these niches and try to shut them down? I'm trying to start a marijuana Instagram niche account and eventually sell ebooks on the topic. Also do the Feds go after marijuana books if the writer lives in a state that it...
  17. ladyboyboom69

    The Green-Rush, anyone in CA getting into Recreational MJ?

    Disclaimer: Yes I know this is not a MJ forum, but wanted to ask for any online knowledge, reputable places to get information or possibly any fellow members that may be in the industry. Hey fellow BHW, Im scrounging up all my savings and $$$$ that Ive made from IM and "diversifying" my...
  18. hughJASS101

    [Journey] Launching a Tech Startup

    Hey everybody, thanks for checking out my thread. This will follow my journey to launch a tech startup that will develop services and commit to projects that work to counter poverty, inequality and lack of access to formal education. I’ll keep this updated until I secure my first round of...
  19. S

    MMJ page can't boost posts, ditch FB?

    I run a blog that markets other brands in the marijuana industry. Just started a FB page for the blog and tried to boost a post to see what would happen; it got rejected, so I appealed and got the following response, "Thanks for writing in. Your ad wasn't approved because the landing page...
  20. FormerBoxer

    Ediable Gummies!

    I received a email about ediable gummies. I had them before but my friend has a license to get them from our state. I clicked on the website and I know it's a affiliate link. It looks like it's from one of those market health ads. Anyways, has anyone ordered them online before?
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