1. FreeMan228

    Backpacks manufacture

    Hey guys, I'm considering to star backpacks manufacture and sell them through instagram/facebook ads. I've been traveling to foreign country and found great backpacks which are selling within a country, so I've bout few of them and just wanna copy their design and sell in my country. I'm...
  2. Coepi

    How to find USA Manufacturers

    Hey Guys I had an original idea for a product that I'm pretty sure it's going to be a success. I've been looking trough aliexpress and there's nothing like it. The problem now is, how/where to produce it? I thought about finding manufacturers in Alibaba, but I'm worried about the long...
  3. R

    Hello from Arizona!

    Hey there, Arizona checking in. My friend and I are starting a backpack manufacturing company (think two dudes in a garage) and will be around this site seeking help and providing some (if any ;D). Would love to hear from those of you who may have been in the same market (backpacks...
  4. C

    Looking for north american clothing manufacturing

    Hey guys i am starting off with my clothe lines and I have my logo & such prepared. Im looking for a producer for affiliation north american preference. Suggestions?
  5. C

    Hello from Michigan!

    I'm a padlock manufacturer accustomed to working with machinery, so I'm a way out of my sweet spot here! I look forward to learning from you all on BlackHatWorld and I'm open to marketing advice. There is a ton of good stuff on here! Cheers!
  6. S

    "The method "or " Service " that may help us see the "keyword" in a history google search

    Do you know "The method "or " Service " that may help us see the "keyword" that each user has typed in a history google search or not? For Examples : my web site in the field of " industrial manufacturing ", so how can I collect statistics and most of the key word related to this field when...