1. I

    Manual IG Mother/Slave technical difficulties

    Hey guys, I have some technical questions I'd love to ask you all. Really quickly, I'm doing OFM, If anyone would like to connect, hit me up on TG: @midaswilliam Firstly, here's my setup: - Aged accounts (2017 and older) - 3 accounts per phone - 4g internet (Sim + Data) - All iPhone's - I've...


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  3. macnitech


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  4. N

    Looking for someone to grow my tiktok!

    Manual, real/engaged followers, no bots, no smm panel. Let me know pricing and how you do this (mother/child, follow/unfollow, etc...) Must have experience, thanks!
  5. N

    Looking for someone to grow my IG account with ENGAGED followers [See Below].

    Hi all, I am looking for a very specific service so please only comment if you can provide! Basically, I am looking for someone who can grow my IG account with only the most active and engaged real accounts on IG. It would look something like scraping accounts, and then analyzing who are the...
  6. U

    Engagement isn't the best - Start a new account or can I improve it?

    I have a fitness account where I currently post my own lifts and training etc. My account is a 'personal' account, would it be better if I set it to business, or creator? I have 850 followers, and get around 120-180 likes per post, but this is artificially inflated because of likes that I get...
  7. arthuditu

    Best Method For Manual Creating Instagram Accounts

    Hi! This is not my method, but I used it a month ago, I don't know if it still works, but I wanted to share with you. There are 2 methods : METHOD 1: Self-registers are a difficult, labor-intensive option, but the most optimal one. I will consider just such an option, and show how to make them...
  8. S

    My follow doesn't stick

    Hello guys, I've noticed, that when I give a follow to someone, the follow first stick, but after few seconds follow disappear. It means, it looks like you follow the account first, coz it looks like everything works fine, but when you check the same account later, you find out, you don't...
  9. dotc0m

    New Instagram Captcha & 24Hr Account Review

    Hello, Just wanting to inform the community of some new warnings I encountered. I haven't seen these messages yet or heard them happen to anyone yet. Keep in mind I have mainly run accounts manually and all my accounts were created manually and ran manually. I have my own dedicated 4G modems...
  10. draco02

    Wifi VS 4G connection?

    Which one is safer to manage 3 instagram accounts on a phone? (Accounts are created either 1. on the home wifi or 2. the 4G connection) 1. 1 phone 3 accounts , home wifi 2. 1 phone 3 accounts, 4G data connection
  11. B

    Manual Follow/Unfollow Limits

    Does anyone know the updated manual follow/unfollow limits? How many can I do per hour? Per day? I've had my account for about 2 years and have over 15K followers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. T

    A New Journey From Scratch

    I have had an account since I was teenager posting art. Stopped using it for years have about 450 followers mostly artists. My art has improved significantly and is particularly unique and engaging. I am doing manual un/follow by scraping from a different account and shootouts and monetizing...
  13. S

    Tried to do Instagram manual and my device (iPhone) is banned

    Facts: 5 profiles on one device (Iphone) Number of actions on every profile: 250likes, 150follow, 150unfollow, 20different comments in a day Active for 6 days in a week (12 days of actions in last two weeks) All activity has been doing manually. One of these 5 profiles was my personal, so...
  14. T

    Does anyone know of scraping software to use for manual methods?

    So info you input in jarvee (I.e follows and comments on x users in niche, has minimum of 3 posts, following ratio etc) is used to scrape user profiles to follow. I was wondering if there was any similar software in which I could input this data and be provided with a list and manually...
  15. D

    Giveaway Landing Page | Requirements-Based

    Today's topic is giveaway websites (these like where the user needs to fulfill certain challenges / requirements in order to get points hence increasing his winning odds). Does anyone know a provider who enables you to custom select who won? Looked through the most-known and none of...
  16. P

    Growing 4 Accounts Organically | Need Suggestions

    So I am going to grow 4 Accounts Organically and doing all the stuff manually. My Questions Are I will be operating them through my PC, do I need proxies. Basically, I wanna know what kind of setup do i need? Any emulator for uploading stuff through pc?
  17. J

    Question about posting from phone when using proxy.

    Hey guys, very new, and trying to absorb much info as possible. Im currently using Jarvee and botting two niche accounts. My plan is to grow about 3-5 accounts to big numbers and use them for shoutouts. I am signed in to the two i currently have through my phone and have them also running...
  18. Euni

    From 0 to 100k followers before 2020

    Hey guys! I've been reading a lot here on bhw, especially the journey threads. Spent a good amount of time (months) reading and now, I'm finally taking action. I made myself thus journey thread so I could keep track of my progress, be motivated, and have a network not just from the whole IG...
  19. codeman1234

    Looking for Ascend viral manual alike

    Hello I am looking for a manual alike ascend viral for instagram but for other social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, etc. Can anyone recommend anything alike ascend viral for this social networks? Thanks again!
  20. thecreativewebs

    [Giveaway] Exclusive handmade 5 Free High quality Niche Relevant Blog Comments

    Hi all BHW Users, Now we are giving Spam Free Niche Related Blog comment Comment For Every single Person of BHW. 5 free high quality Niche Related Blog comments Backlinks to your loving website . What to do to get Niche Blog Comments ? Note: Just Post to Thread and Wait For our PM...
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