making videos

  1. KomonMam

    How to make videos without showing face

    Last year my adsense got disabled for invalid activity for legit reason and now i'm fully broke and want to work with anything possible. I've a YouTube channel but i really want to know how can i make videos without showing my face with 0$ investment. I even don’t know about voice, never did...
  2. FaizanAnsari

    i Am Looking for Video Creator (Fake Generator for android games)

    Hello Everyone, I want to make that kind of videos which explains how to generate gems and gold step by step using my fake generator ! video example Please PM me or ad me on Skype: [email protected] if you have that capability to end that mission waiting for your reply... Best Regards
  3. Y

    Someone skilled in both domain names and making video tutorials

    So I'm making a course about flipping domain names and although I know exactly what I want the course to be and what it needs, I'm just plain awful at making video tutorials. I have so many great ideas that I'm trying to convey through a video course but I feel like people will ask for their...
  4. lokiys

    Looking to do some Youtube JV

    Hi. Looking some folks who are good in making videos. What this JV is about: * You make videos for different kind of offers. CPA - Affiliate - Webpages etc. * I'll make SEO part and will rank them. Very great opportunity for newbies as i do not care how experienced you are in internet...
  5. avi_31337

    [GUIDE]How to make a kick-ass HQ promo video for your Product/App/Service.Clients (CHEAP)

    I've decided to write a thread on this topic after I've received a good response from my post on "How Difficult Is Making A Video Similar To This....?" thread by CEPI. I'll walk you through the resources where you can buy stuff and the software you need to get started. First of all you need...
  6. squoosh

    [REQ] Video Boss Couching Program

    Hi Blackhatters !!! Recently a guy named Andy Jenkins released a vey promissing couching program Video Boss, about making professional videos. Unfortunately I was late and wasn't able to buy it, maybe someone has it already and is willing to share it with the community, thx
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