1. Zenarus

    Needs a How-To Video maker, with voice over.

    Hello. ill be launching my new GMB Platform soon so clients can log in and just create theire own gmbs by buying credits. i need someone to make a video of the platform and do voice over on how to use it and introduction. Budget 50 USD. if that something u can do let me know, i know some fivver...
  2. I

    Instagram account creator?

    Know somebody a Instagram account maker bot? I'm looking for one.
  3. I

    Instagram account creator?

    Could some one code me or send me a Instagram account creater? The Bot should use proxies witch are already set up and should create as much accounts as the Limit per day editable by user. I want to edit the account Information so the description and link.
  4. C

    I will pay 10$ for finding a file on torrent - easy

    I will pay 10$ for finding me Movie Maker FX cracked - working. I got one, it works untill 99.9% of download. Got also some other torrent sites but those links were only ads (scam). If you have already Video Maker FX cracked on your computer please let me know. I will pay for that 10$. Note...
  5. M

    Customizable Bot - Account Creator ?!?

    I was wondering if is out there a version of customizable bot for account creation in whitch you can enter diferent websites to create accounts , the option of adding list of first name and last name and randomly combining those to create a full name, to select birth date between 01.01.1970 -...
  6. DarkParagon

    How I made almost $1,000 from Youtube

    hey guys Darkparagon here I have been a member of the BHW community on and off for almost two years now. Since I have never really posted a proper thread. I thought it was about time I contribute to the community and post my first real meaningful thread on the topic of how I made almost $1,000...
  7. gtothem

    How to create lots of Twitter Accounts

    Hey guys, Just finished a little tutorial on how I create tons of Twitter accounts. Hope you can get something from this: Youtube link: Tool: Twitter Supremacy
  8. I

    Vine Account Maker?

    I'm looking for an account maker for Vine. If you have one or know where I can get one, hmu!
  9. manakill

    need a yahoo mail creator

    Does anyone have a good yahoo mail acc creator? manual captchas are ok, I only need a couple hundred accounts
  10. D

    Tagged Account Maker??

    Is there currently a tagged account maker?? Would be helpful Thanks
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