make money twitter

  1. lilkrito

    Adult Traffic Ideas For CPA Network (CrakRevenue) !?

    Hi BHW Beasts CrakRevenue Ideas !? I had just started Affiliate Marketing in the adult niche (porn), and I use CrakRevenue Network for the affiliate links, but I really want other ways to get the traffic for my links, I tried Twitter and I got excellent traffic there, but the traffic on the...
  2. saulop

    Instant messaging+Adult CPA+Twitter still works?

    Instant messaging with Twitter still work? I was manually advertising my cpa offers with a cam niche, I was doing 5 conversions every 30 messages of 1-3 $ a day (it pleased me), after seeing that the method still bears some fruit I decided to see the possibility of using automation, I have some...
  3. C

    Finally Got Paid by RevTwt thru Paypal ($20). Automated! PROOF.

    Finally got paid by RevTwt! FINALLY, A legit way to make money on Twitter. Even tho it's pennies. haha I was going to post on the other RevTwt threads that were talking about how "RevTwt Doesn't pay", or "RevTwt is a scam!" but I figured I would kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone here. At least we...
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