1. sci0n

    [journey] IM product - Simple self-contained opt-in & HTML mailing system

    No profit target, doing this purely out of spite. If I find a solution I doubt it will be difficult to monetize, though. Plus it was my plan to move on to email content once Google implements that AI they got patented and SERP as we know it today will be cancelled, so I'm just going to try...
  2. lugafetbecky

    Need Bulk Cold Emailing Everyday

    i need to send everyday 500k - 1 Million emails everyday Content - Affiliate emails only Gmail, Hotmail only if any expert here please send me pm suggestions of other mailers from bhw J.Vip also welcome
  3. nanohits

    Mailsniper Pro - Premium Email Marketing Automation Software - 50% off One time Payment!

    Features: Import Unlimited Lists To Use Mailsniper Pro For All Your Business Advanced List Cleaning Tool To Keep Your List Clean And Reduce Bounce Rates Advance Subscriber Management (Suppression List, Message Wise, Bounce Wise, Export, Create Custom Fields Etc.) To Send Exclusive Emails No...
  4. B

    Sending Mass Mailers Using Office 365

    Hello please guys if anyone knows any informations about how to send mass mails using Office 365 and how and what do i need
  5. D

    Looking for adult/dating emailers, make $$$

    Hello. I'm new on here but a lot of you know me, I just have to stay on the low so I'm Derrick.. :) Basically I'm looking for people who do mailers, especially with adult or dating traffic. I'm at a company and want BH emailers with list of 100,000+ for PPS campaigns (PPL and rev are also...
  6. S

    Is there a service out there that can send Out Lotsof Handwritten/addresed Letters for me?

    Hi, I'm in need of sending out a lot of handwritten letters to my mailing list. Does anyone know of any services that can do that or give the appearance of a handwritten letter to large mailing list by the 1,000s?
  7. P

    I want your data

    Hello All, I am a mailer and I am looking to expand my subscriber list. I have excellent deliverability and can make your list money. If you own a website and have data on at least 100k people and would like to monetize that data then PM me. I would like to offer a 50/50 revenue share...
  8. M

    Help required regarding mailerking and responder king

    hi.. currently I am having mailer king along with responder king with a great solution of decaptcher and am using this for craiglist m4w section. i need a person so that he can use a good number of text messege for mailerking and 2 good response with iframe for responderking i am ready to...
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