machine learning

  1. nirose

    Coursera is offering 1 free course with certification from 9 specialties (Machine Learning, Python, Leadership and more)

    To celebrate its 9th birthday Coursera is offering a list of nine specially selected courses for free - with a valid graduation certificate. Your discount will be applied at checkout. Offer is subject to change and valid through 04/30/2021. The courses on offer are: Introduction to Machine...
  2. The Doctor

    Post your best GPT-3 app idea. Winner will get made + free app access for you.

    What would you make with it? There are many possibilities. There have already been some neat applications made with it but some of them appear to be quite poorly coded. If this interests you, drop me a suggestion here but please: I don't even want to talk about spammy use-cases like...
  3. USA282

    ML question - Need help on this

    Hey, So I've around 200K unstructured keywords, for example (sports, music, piano, cryptocurrency, facebook). I mean, they are not categorized in any way. I need a way to categorize these keywords under relevant categories "OR" sub-categories "OR" sub-sub-categories. For instance Sports (main...
  4. S


    Hi guys, I'm a web developer and a machine learning freelancer. I've recently launched a website and I'm looking for ways to make it grow. I'm a new member but have been lurking for some time, and this seems like a great community to me, and I'm happy to be here. Hopefully, I can learn a lot...
  5. The Doctor

    Machine Learning Roadmap 2020 - Beginner Resources For AI

    YouTube recommended this to me. I'm not a beginner but if you are, this might help you. This guy made a mind map of everything you need to research. Here's a zoomed out screenshot (Click to visit mind map):
  6. M

    Looking for Machine learning + SEO research project idea

    Hi there! This is my first thread. I'm about to do my final year research project. Since I'm a blogger, I would like to do this project related to SEO+Machine learning. Can anyone suggest?
  7. vimal85

    E learning Course : how to start e learning course and earn passive income?

    Hi, Am a beginner when it comes to learning, How can i get started and earn from sites like udemy, skillshare and etc. I have no prior knowledge on this. can you guys help me in suggesting any ways since i am new to this industry of E learning. Where can i get started and where can i get my...
  8. Hansj80

    The holy grail?

    On this forum you got a lot of ideas to make money however most of the time it will either be saturated or it moves in a grey space like spamming for affiliates and checking out before the ban and some segments are interesting for a year or 3 then you have to move on... Has anyone encountered...
  9. chris barker

    How to generate passive income from Artificial Intelligence?

    Hello All, I managed to setup sites with AI generated content and generate passive income from clickbank. I put up this video in linkedin.Should u have any question, let me know? Vel
  10. T

    Are you taking full advantage of ML?

    Machine learning has undeniably changed the way we run ads, and the changes keep on coming every day. So, to keep you up to date, this post from the CXL blog highlights the best practices to run campaigns in the machine learning era! Here are the tidbits, but the post really goes deep into this...
  11. Stev0198

    Hiring content writers in the Technology/Programming/Machine Learning Niche ($15-$20 per 1k words)

    I am looking for native english writers. Preferable someone with a knowledge of/ or studying computer science. This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to make extra money while studying. I am in the process of building an authority site focussed on the questions people interested in...
  12. B

    FREE Video game niche article

    Hi friends, I have build developing my machine learning skills and have build a program capable of writing blog articles about the video game niche. I would like to hand out free samples to any interested parties. I am open to suggestions for other niches to build a content generator for. Here...
  13. michiosha1

    How smart is Google IRT non-english content?

    It can detect low quality spin-content in english, that's why it's used mostly for T2 links. However let's assume that I have Thai money site with only Thai sites backlinking to it, can I use lower quality content in Thai language there (for example push something that I'd use for T2 to T1...
  14. T

    Using machine learning to help with your keyword research

    One of the basic foundations of any SEO strategy is solid keyword research, which involves lots of time, effort and hours of patience. Like Andy Chadwick, our keyword research sheets often exceed as much as 20k-50k keywords which we then try and segregate under different categories and...
  15. USA282

    Help needed from machine learning developer

    Hey guys, I decided not to post this in "Hire a freelancer" section because for now I just need to understand if it's even possible to implement this. So here it goes: Let's take an example of Quora. Duplicate question is a big issue on Quora as there are tens of different ways to ask the...
  16. artistzzz

    My AI / Automation / Programming Skills + Your Monetization Method

    I am an AI engineer with a background in Machine Learning and Software Engineering. I am based in South Africa and UK, and have been involved in anything to do with text, image, voice, time series data etc. If the joint venture is big enough and if it’s necessary I can also travel to certain...
  17. artistzzz

    Can't Wait to Retire Before I hit 30s

    Hello, I am from South Africa. Although I have been registered on this site for over 7 years, I have become more active recently. I am an AI engineer, involved in building cognitive solutions using latest machine learning techniques. I have also built a lot of automation tools in the past and...
  18. chrsplmr

    AI and Machine Learning - ( To Rank YT Videos )

    ** Note video has zero links** Stumbled onto a cool little tip so I wanted to share it with my BHW family. So recently I have been playing around in the machine learning and AI section and came across G**gle Vision and thought wow this is great to increase CTR and what a help knowing YT is...
  19. V

    Future Tech for 9-6 job

    Hi Guys, I have been on BHW for quite sometime and have had success in bits and pieces but never had a consistent income. Mainly because I have a 9-6 job and also that I was never willing to risk money in this field as I have a family to take care and not whole lot of savings to risk. I would...
  20. The Doctor

    Follow Me As I Create An AI Trading Bot For Bitcoin / Crypto

    Before crypto got big, my software engineering efforts were mainly focused on marketing. A couple years ago, I got to work for an ICO which propelled me into the world of crypto and fintech. I then got into trading and since I was already algorithmically inclined, went deep into trading maths...