1. Bloodseeker

    Why does't Apple discontinue iCloud already? Any good cloud sync services for Mac?

    I have an Apple ecosystem because they all work so seamlessly together. iCloud on the other hand is their most irritating service. Its downloads are freakishly slow. Needed to download 90GB of data from iCloud Drive before canceling my subscription but their site kept showing: "There was a...
  2. Digital Dark

    HELP Mac isnt showing start-up Disk

    So I dumped my mac earlier this week and when booting it back up I get a folder with a “?” shown in image 1 I then press ctrl+R to go into recovery shown in image 2 Disk utilities comes up shown image 3 Going into disk utilities my Macintosh HD is missing and shows 251 GB APPLE SSD, disk0s2...
  3. megaMind007

    How to Download 8,000 photos from iCloud without using iTunes?

    Urgent Help Needed How I download almost 8,000 photos from iCloud to my Windows PC without using iTunes, is that any tools or third party utility are suggested as long as it works no problem with it. Note: I used to be able to do this but is seems Apple have changed the iCloud layout and the...
  4. J

    Best Buy Promo

    What do you think about their promo? I'm thinking about getting a macbook pro. I notice a lot of IM users run windows on them. What are they using? Anyways, here is the promo
  5. alexel

    I have a Mac and I need help with VirtualBox

    I have a mounted windows 7 OS on a disk, and I set up a virtual machine for windows 7. My MacBook has 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of storage. When ever I launch virtual box, my macbook is disgustingly slow. Any tips on what settings I should put my Windows VM on? What are the reasons for it being...
  6. N

    Get Apple products free Service

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing I heard of people trying this method, sounds like a cool service
  7. V

    Damaging MacBook for a replacement?

    So Apple screwed me over and they made me pay for a repair. Even it is a new MacBook still on the basic warranty and I also have the extended warranty. on the top of that the MacBook works actually much slower after their "repair." since I paid a lot of money for this machine and I use it daily...
  8. M

    White MacBook Needed

    Can anyone supply me with Used White Macbook with minimum 2 GB ram, core 2 duo and 160 GB hard disk. We will start with a sample piece and then scale it up to 100 piece per month. We are located in Dubai. PM me.
  9. M

    Windows 7 on MacBook Air

    Probably doesn't pertain to any of our current discussions, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I installed Windows 7 v 7 on an Apple MacBook Air through VMWare.
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