1. Shinichi Izumi Premuim 1 Year Free Easily

    Step 1: Go to, click on contact and then click on get a library card, and click on apply online button Step 2: Fill out the form, with a working email and then click go Step 3: you’ll get a barcode, copy it Step 4: Click on login on the top right corner and enter your barcode...
  2. imonboss

    [Freebies] Giving Away Premium Account to Every Member

    So Title does all the talking. Giving Away premium Account to the Members of BHW. This accounts are for lifetime as of now. Comment Here and I will send your account in inbox. Thanks imonboss
  3. dayv


    So my last thread which is this one was dead so next method is going to work like maybe a month. heres the method 1. biblioottawalibrary . ca/en 2. top right corner dropdown, get a card. 3...
  4. dayv

    How to get account for free (new library card method)

    Since those old methods didn't work any longer (some library cards and viditutcom) I got new method with DC library card. What you'll need: - Email address Here's the steps: 1. Go here for DC Library Card Application 2. Fill in the box...
  5. dayv account giveaway.

    I want to share a lynda account since the old method (free library card) didn't work now. Heres the account: Login here: lynda. com/portal/sip?org=houstonlibrary. org login: 2041195 pass: kevin0115 Use it wisely.
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