lynda account

  1. vigyavan

    [FREE] Get Lynda Lifetime Premium Access

    1. Go to here and register for the library card 2. Use fake details from 3. It will ask to setup pin...just remember it...
  2. Shinichi Izumi Premuim 1 Year Free Easily

    Step 1: Go to, click on contact and then click on get a library card, and click on apply online button Step 2: Fill out the form, with a working email and then click go Step 3: you’ll get a barcode, copy it Step 4: Click on login on the top right corner and enter your barcode...
  3. JetBlack101

    Free Lynda Acct Method Over

    BHW, Just received this from the Sacramento Library System. This applies to all California libraries. So, if you used the [Method] applied to get a free account for a few months it is coming to an end. Maybe other states still do it? Goodbye free Lynda in California. Props to those...
  4. imonboss

    [Freebies] Giving Away Premium Account to Every Member

    So Title does all the talking. Giving Away premium Account to the Members of BHW. This accounts are for lifetime as of now. Comment Here and I will send your account in inbox. Thanks imonboss
  5. Ohmnito

    [METHOD] Free Offline Courses

    Hello everyone, today I will show you how you can download any courses from onto your pc for free. Now, this method will include 2 things: 1) How to get a temporary free premium account on (3 months account) --method still working as of 17 March 2019-- 2) How to use the...
  6. A

    $5 for a Lynda account

    Hi I am offering $5 for the Lynda account access for a year. PS: Please DONT BARGAIN, the conversion rate is already bad in India. Payment via Paypal
  7. dayv


    yea so this one is the newest 1. 2. fill it, easier with and for temporary mail 3. next, check your mail 4. login to lynda with "" organization portal 5. done lets...
  8. dayv

    How to get account for free (new library card method)

    Since those old methods didn't work any longer (some library cards and viditutcom) I got new method with DC library card. What you'll need: - Email address Here's the steps: 1. Go here for DC Library Card Application 2. Fill in the box...
  9. jawadjee7

    [free] Index of /Learning/LYNDA.COM (find almost anything/everything)

    Index of /Learning/LYNDA.COM/ File Name ↓ File Size ↓ Date ↓ Parent directory/ - - 0249.Responsive.Design.with.Joomla/ - 2016-May-06 01:18 Building An E-Commerce Web Site Using Dreamweav..> - 2016-May-06 04:39 LYNDA.COM.EXCEL.FOR.MAC.2011.ESSENTIAL.TRAINING/ - 2016-May-06 01:41...
  10. jawadjee7

    [GET] Free Account and learn a new skill online

    Over 4000 courses in Business, Technology and Creative Skills taught by industry experts. Library Card Number: 6784627 Library Card PIN: 1234 Enjoy.
  11. fahadsaleem

    Looking for Free Lynda Account

    Hi, I'm a big fan of Lynda on board but I love using it as a free tool. Black Hat World helped me a lot in this as there were lots of Voluteers sharing plenty of free stuff about it. But since long after June 8 I didn't get any update in the forum and all old methods are not working anymore...
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