1. A

    Lumen5 - script alternative?

    Hi all - I'm really impressed with Lumen5, it does exactly what I need (even the free version). I want to generate a tonne of promotional videos based on existing page content - so it works a treat. BUT, I want to automate things still further... Has anyone seen anything close to lumen5...
  2. O

    Get Lumen5 Pro account FREE [Email and Pass]

    Hey, here is 5 lumen5 Pro account registered with appsumo code. get one and change email and pass. thank me when you have got one. Please don't take more than one. [email protected] jhbvusvhjbsdvj [email protected] jhvdhhjdhj77 [email protected] hchdvhjud6...
  3. Aashwin Trivedi

    Looking for a php developer

    Hey friends, It gives me immense pleasure to announce about an opportunity with one of our clients who is looking out for a PHP developer. So the requirement goes as follows:- wanted a php developer with laravel and lumen acumen along with mvc framework knowledge. Experience - 3+ years...
  4. D

    [Giveaway] 3x Lumen5 Pro Accounts

    About a month ago I acquired 3 extra Lumen5 Pro accounts, thanks to the post from @X I'm giving 3 BHW Jr. Vip members the opportunity to gain access to these accounts in the form of a giveaway. All of...
  5. X

    [GET] Lumen5 Pro Free for a Year - Worth Almost $500

    Thought I'd share - Lumen5 is an awesome video creation tool that turns text into videos. You can get a free year of the Pro plan (worth about $500) at AppSumo right now: Would act quickly as they will probably run out of codes pretty fast. Hope it helps a few of you!