1. CanonStriker

    Hello, completely noobie here :)

    Hi BHW, I will introduce myself: I'm an university dropout loser who wants to learn methods of making money online, although I know making money online is not easy at all, I am willing to spend the rest of my days looking and researching about that little motherf*****r goldmine that will turn me...
  2. M


    Whats up all! I am kinda new at this shit...I look up to all you badass pros. Hopefully,I can pick up a few things in order to distract myself from doing more serious crimes. OK hit me up if ya wanna.
  3. Mr Cracker

    This man's lost bitcoin are now worth $75m – and under 200,000 tonnes of garbage

    Source: Here FYI - I added some tags on the thread for fun.