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    SENSIT | GPT-3 | 1-Click Full Articles - 1 Minute | Rewrite & Enhance Content | 100 Languages | Long-Form Conten

    How to get the AutoPilot Free Trial? Please post “AutoPilot Extended Free Trial” in this thread. The extended free trial doubles the count of articles you can generate with AutoPilot (6 articles instead of just 3 with the standard free trial). Furthermore, the BHW Free Trial will remove the AI...
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    [Beta-Testers] Automated Full Articles Writen by AI | Between 750 & 1750 words |

    We need your feed-back on our latest project: we managed to create an AI module that will generate full articles/ blog posts. Most of the times these articles don't need need further editing (although it will be possible to edit them in one of the modules which are already available in our app)...