1. Coastline17

    Ungagged New York & London

    Ungagged New York - July 13-14 (Masterclasses - July 15th) Ungagged London - November 2020 (Specific Days: TBD) Ticket Prices: TBD I'm sad it isn't in L.A., I really wanna go, but I'd have to fly out to New York. Hopefully, something changes and they bring it to a venue on the West Coast...
  2. ajobkisim

    Any UK affiliate person here?

    Hello Recently I am thinking of living in the UK so try to make new UK Friends who work with PPCall or Affiliate marketing. Actually I want to learn and earn when I am in the UK. if anyone, to be honest, please help me out. Thanks and waiting for your message. Milon
  3. J

    Looking for help

    Hello guys, I am looking for someone for London, Uk. Who can really help me personally? Thanks
  4. Bruce Silduk

    [SMMA Journey] I gave up my 50k salary to earn 50k online by the end of 2019 and beyond...

    Hello everyone, finally, I decided to start my journey thread. Goals Plan: Successful London Based SMMA Financial Goal: 50 000£ by Dec '19 Services: 1st Instagram, 2nd Landing Pages 3rd Web Design, 4th Facebook Ads then everything else... 3-6 months to make 1000£ profit (cover my personal...
  5. cyphxrr

    Looking for a Top SEO Expert

    Hello, My name is Connor, I run a Marketing firm in C London for corporate clients with portfolios of £1BN+ and also provide services for other businesses looking to improve their image and visibility. We are looking to recruit someone with great lengths of SEO, Analytical ability and SSM in...
  6. Choidavid420

    London Coffee Meetup?

    Hello fellow hatters. Would anyone in London like a coffee/pint meetup? It'd be cool to network, share ideas. I'm mostly into white hat PR, digital PR, and a bit of black hat social media. Work with local business owners and fashion brands; based in East London. Lets doooo it! [edit] I just...

    Who is attending UnGagged London 2017?

    Ever wanted to shake @Diamond Damien 's hand? Finally, answer the question if @Apricot is male or female and meet some of the other mods like @I know SEO and @Wilhelm Squee? Or perhaps discuss advertising on BHW with @Mr Greg? Now’s your chance! The BHW team will be attending UnGagged London on...

    Join 3x US Search Award 2016 Winners Aimclear® in this in-depth Integrated Marketing Masterclass

    Join 3x US Search Award Winning Founder of Aimclear® in this in-depth Integrated Marketing Masterclass Join international marketing legends from Aimclear® (Marty Weintraub - Founder, Merry Morud - Senior Creative Strategist, and Megan Taggart - SEM leader) on Wednesday 14th of June, a day...

    What do I get out of attending UnGagged?

    If you want to make money while saving money, then UnGagged is the event for you! Instead of learning from speakers who claim to be the be-all and end-all of the industry - you can learn and network with real experts who have had real experience in the SEO/Digital Marketing field, offering you...

    Increase your SEO knowledge and get 15% off

    You might be wondering, out of all the tech conferences out there, why should you attend UnGagged? Simple - you want to make money in 2017. What is UnGagged? UnGagged offers you proven internet marketing trends and tactics that have never been heard or revealed before. Our speakers are...


    UnGagged London 2017's Super Early Bird sale is now on! On top of the already incredible savings, you also receive an additional 15% off your ticket when you use the code: BHW This means when you buy your ticket during the sales period (ending 1 March) you save 53% on your UnGagged ticket! If...

    UnGagged London is back for 2017!

    Hey guys, Where better to have a digital marketing conference than in the thriving digital hub of London? UnGagged returns for it's third time in the capital this 15-16 June! Just to let you know Super Early Bird tickets for UnGagged London 2017 are now on sale. Get your ticket for £471.75 if...

    Can't believe it's been over a week since Las Vegas!

    Has everyone recovered from their hangovers now? What were some highlights for you? Some of ours include; Learning how to be an SEO Bad Ass with Jerry West Jacob Hagberg's Real World SEO examples that we can actually learn from The UnGagged After Party hosted by @InternetVikings! If you're...
  14. J

    Hey Guys! New from London here :D

    Just joined this awesome community and I've been on it all day and learnt so much already! Grateful to be here and a huge hello to all!! Hoping to make some good friends along the way too! Joe
  15. Dozwold

    Why is it so hard to find a good full time SEO Account Manager for my agency?

    Just starting a discussion to hear other people thoughts about building a small SEO team for a small web design agency. I have 2 people in SEO department, one technical SEO and one account manager (and me with 20 years experience) but I can't find anyone else normal to join us. Tried for 3...
  16. N

    London peeps wanted

  17. E

    Cost of living in London (South)

    I have a job offer in London, so now i am asking here how much money per month would i need to live in London. I need to pay apartment or room, bus tickets...Any advice?
  18. N

    Advise needed: how to get into Digital Marketing job-wise ?

  19. U

    Shout-out to Londoners on BHW

    Hello, I've recently joined BHW and this week started with an offline method offering web design/development. Just wondering if there are (many) fellow BHW'ers on here from London (UK). I live in North London myself. I'd be interested in meeting with other Londoners and share...
  20. Matano

    Exclusive Business Membership Club On A London Ship

    Who could help with some ideas on building a business membership club on a historic ship moored at a prestigeous London location? Membership is restricted to 250. It is in three tiers with the topmost having access to most of the ship, internet access, office desk, telephone line and several...
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