1. Ajeet Ghuman

    Wow!! imagine getting 19 million views by an extremely unexpected reason

    LOL!! I was being lazy just now (its not like it was my first time or anything) .. and i typed Y to get to Youtube... and it went to google search and and and.. i clicked on first video to land on Youtube, turns out the video got 19 million views because of people Like me being lazy as f ...
  2. gummel

    Man City to pay lawyer who blocked Brexit twice £20,000-a-day in fight against UEFA

    I heard this story i was like £20,000-a-day ($25,000 a day) ,really? City are paying top dollar for the best in the business as they look to beat UEFA and get their two-year ban from European football overturned Manchester City will shell out £20,000-a-day to one of Britain's top lawyers in...
  3. P

    League of Legends account botting

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone knew about this way of making money or if you are aware or similiar thing that can be done through botting. Another question is what kind of programs are used to bot or if the majority of botters make their own code. Thanks for you help!
  4. shiboshy

    This is how you end up looking after 8 years on BHW :D

    Well almost 8... :D How about you? :D Do you travel from one side of the world to another to hang out and go nuts? What's your daily routine after reading so much BHW methods? :D That above is maybe 10% of my daily routine... :p P.S. Stalin and Truman used to hang out too. :D
  5. Almighty Pull

    Making Money Online - Programming vs SEO?

    I for one, actually believe SEO rules :D I wanna know specifically about the ROI in both these trades, both at beginner and advanced stages.
  6. media master

    ohhhh shitoooo

  7. jsalima

    Really? Rick Rolled? LMAO

    I cannot believe I just got "Rick Rolled" on here,,,, GOOD ONE LOL - YOU know who you are,,,,, Made me laugh. Cheers =)
  8. TheBizCat

    so i messaged the spammer that’s been on BHW...

    So, a few days ago I decided to say to hell with it and see what’s up and maybe waste a little bit of time with this spammer. This is the outcome. He stopped replying after the Jr.VIP comment so I just said to hell with it. If you do this aswell please leave screenshots on this thread...
  9. F

    I Feel So Weird lol

    It’s my sophomore year in high school, and as some of you know from my journey thread, I recently moved from a pretty toxic place. I started this new school and I have this English teacher whos 20F and I feel soooo fucking weird lol I feel weird because I can’t help but have a small bit of a...
  10. Billy Batts

    Tell Me Your Online Game Of Leasurement!

    Probably this thread have been asked a dozen of times but fuck it! Want to see now ;) Now I've played many fucking games since the 80's but these days when it comes to online. Yes! I play League of Legends!! What do you play??
  11. Black&WhiteLinks

    Awesome Things You Didn’t Learn Even School!

    :p:pThis is what Venom does to blood. This is what the Pythagorean theorem (a² + b² = c²) looks like. A day in the artic summer, when the sund does not set. Earth compared to the largest Star. How Pop-tarts are made This is a trick you can do with older computer monitors...
  12. gman777

    Abandoning a journey thread

    Lol. I feel like this is a routine. Somebody starts a journey thread being excited for trying a new method and they feel that need to share with us. Later, that excitement fades, and the person just abandons the journey in a couple days. Unfortunately, I'm one of them. I have 2 opened...
  13. artomka

    This guy is going to be a millionaire!

    Lol, My wife just came home with news about new company out there, that's hiring people to travel the globe and pays em 2500 eur per month! :D She heard about it from her coworker that tried to apply to their program whole day.. So i've quckly googled em and signed up to check wtf is that...
  14. sammy76

    Hey Everyone .. I'm Sammy

    Hey Black hat World .. My Name Is Sammy Gracioso ( short of Samuel ) My Latin Friends Called me Gracioso ( Means Funny in spanich I think ) anyway .. I'm Just a Deaf Guy but I Love The Life, love to smile all time .. and in fact it's a miracle that I'm Deaf so I Can't hear worse words that...
  15. Ricky Roma

    How to make money on Tinder

    So someone posted this on twitter and it went viral: Now every other chick has "send me $5, see what happens" in her bio
  16. C

    I like lol

    Guys you like playing lol? Reply pls
  17. I

    Mylikes is a huge scam!!

    Hi, I drove about 200 clicks to one of their links, and it said I only drove 30, I talked to a friend and he told me to contact them and I did, any ideas guys? and certainly any alternatives?
  18. renepaolo27

    Lesson Learned (But full of regrets)

    So I just checked my share-a-sale account a few minutes ago and found out that I earned some commission from one network. It earned me some bucks, not much but this is my first affiliate commission so it's kinda important to me. You may be wondering, "if you made a sale, why are you full of...
  19. Fresh Money

    Free LoL NA Accounts

    Hey guys, This is my first giveaway here on BHW, but definitely not my last!:) I am giving away free NA LeagueOfLegends accounts to anyone who sends me a message. Please note that some of them could have verified emails so not all of them will work. But there are quite a few lvl 30's with good...
  20. A

    Hello, I'm a journalist looking to interview someone about email spamming

    Hi, my name is Alex Goldman and I'm a radio producer based in New York City. I host and produce a podcast about the internet called Reply All. We are interested in doing a story about email spammers, and as part of the story, I wanted to get in touch with someone who sends email spam...