logo assistant

  1. LogoKing

    Doing 5 free logos

    Hello guys doing 5 free logos. The first 5 people to respond to this post that would like a logo will be the winners. I should be done all 5 in about three days since I'm going to do this when I'm bored and would like you to revise it till you like it. After I like your post please messages me...
  2. T

    {Download} Logo PSD Files

    Hello again, can someone share from where i can download editable logo files?? Thanks
  3. ATuringtest

    Namecheap has a free logo maker - it quick and simple

    So I just noticed it, made 3 logs in 10 mins for some web 2.0's https://www.namecheap.com/logo-maker/app/new
  4. Omoadamo

    Are you a Logo designer? Let's Talk!

    Hey, I have a project of designing logo (190px by 60px while the retina version will be twice),icons and favicon (mobile, Apple etc) for my new website but I'm not good in designing because I lack colour combinations. Here is the deal, I have pro version of pixteller.com Account in which I'm...