logan paul

  1. Dodged

    KSI vs Logan Paul 2 full fight

    It's at 60 fps for extra smoothness. Skip the ads and enjoy the fight if you haven't already seen it :) https://ckk.ai/C7qbrQ If the page doesn't load, open the link in a new incognito tab. Oh you caught me... Cmon, let it slide this time. I'm dying of hunger here
  2. A

    Reddit RBI: Logan Paul Suicide video has a high probability of being fake (Images and findings)

    Hey guys so I stumbled across a really nice reddit post about Paul Logans Suicide Japanese video possibly being faked and staged. Source link: https://www.reddit.com/r/RBI/comments/7o6ihn/logan_paul_suicide_video_has_a_high_probability/ Preview: I would like to ask fellow redditors to provide...
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