1. NiklasG.

    CPA Marketing | What does "Lockers Only" mean

    Hello, I just signed up on CPAlead and now I have my first questions :) A lot of CPA offers have a warning note on top: Note: This offer is unavailable for Direct Promotion. Offer will only be shown in Lockers, Pages, Banners and Offerwalls. What does this mean? I'm only planing to promote on...
  2. A

    Not sure if i put this at the right place looking for a content locker!

    Hey basically am new to all this the past few days ive been searching for a content locker. I've found ogads but to promote only they apps etc. I trying to find one where i can add multiple apps from different networks into that locker. Or is it worth getting a developer to create you one and...
  3. S3CRET

    Video/Content Lockers.

    I have got huge adult traffic comming to my wordpress website, I have got alot of videos there with pornstar for free, and i want to put over it some overlay, i tried div it worked but my ads under post (after/before paragraph, after/before content) were messed up, i tried fancybox wordpress...
  4. N

    Hello Blackhats :)

    I'm a big noob at all this, but i've already learned alot thanks to this great site! Thanks alot! I've started with PTC, and I've just got small sums. I would be happy if you signed up and set me as a refferer. Thanks again :)
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