1. intracon

    CPABuild - incent traffic for locker?

    Hi, wanted to try incent traffic with CPABuild content locker. However, their manager declared, that CPABuild doesn't allow incent traffic with their locker. Very strange, as content locking IS incent itself. Has anyone had any experience of earning with CPABuild content locker using incentive...
  2. d1aco

    Problem with OGAds AI widget

    Hey, super excited about the new OGAds AI widget as it's basically free customer support for your landing page. Anyway, there is only a small problem with this whole thing. Which is... This. This happens on every locker of mine, any device, any browser I have tried. Yes, I have added a...
  3. Erramusk

    Made $198K+ on OGADS Now facing YouTube Ranking Issue 2023

    Hi guys, so I have been into CPA since 2012 but actually started making money from 2017. Till date I have made over $198K+ These earnings are from social media out of which YouTube has been my main source of earning. I could easily rank videos on YouTube till last year but something seems to...
  4. Spottyyy

    How can i make this Content Locker? (Custom CSS)

    Hey BHW, how can i get a locker like this: wich has text in it that links to a video: I know that its made with...
  5. D

    What a decent gaming locker platform

    As the title says, Im about launch a new site, but I'm trying something different. I want to try a site using a locker, the ones which require you to download an app or complete a survey to continue. Since the site will be games niche that's what I want to use a network which will payout the...
  6. ElitePower

    [METHOD] Earn your first $$ with Reddit incentive CPA

    Short description: We are going to advertise a simple movie/series website with a locker on it. We will advertise this on Reddit. This can be a set and forget method. Earnings proof: What you will need: - Reddit account(s) - Hosting - Domain - Landing...
  7. javadth

    whats the meaning of Incentive in cpa ?

    hi I'm too noob in CPA just wanted to know about Incentive traffic of offers what's that mean and is there anything special I should care about it?
  8. Edd king

    og.php file in Ogads detected as a virus by cpanel

    Hello, When i try to upload the og.php file to set my ogads locker in my domain in namecheap i get the following error How do i force the cpanel to upload it ?
  9. MrT131

    (OGADS) How to delete all PIN offers from my Content Locker?

    Hey guys, the title says it all. I just can click on every single pin offer and deactivate it but this takes so much time. Is there a option where I just can delete all PIN offers?
  10. NiklasG.

    CPA Marketing | What does "Lockers Only" mean

    Hello, I just signed up on CPAlead and now I have my first questions :) A lot of CPA offers have a warning note on top: Note: This offer is unavailable for Direct Promotion. Offer will only be shown in Lockers, Pages, Banners and Offerwalls. What does this mean? I'm only planing to promote on...
  11. S

    Low conversions with Ogads, any help is appreciated

    Hello I have a website that I try to monetize with Ogads by locking the link to a file. I've tried File Locker and Content Locker and here's an interesting detail: When I use File Locker I have low conversion rate (around 1.2-1.5%) but high CTR (clicks/locker impressions) - up to 70%. When I use...
  12. G

    How to monetize adult traffic seeking a specific video/s or pics

    I have been flirting with the idea of getting into trying to monetize adult traffic but in my IM work so far I usually lock content that people are seeking. As many of you know all locker networks don't allow adult traffic, so I have been brainstorming different ways to monetize adult traffic...
  13. G

    Does content locker hurt SEO of site ?

    Even going back to my early days in CPA I always preferred using link lockers as apposed to content lockers over the entire page/site but it has been years now since I used a full content locker. I'm speaking of full blown visitor to page -> encounters locker immediately > must complete offer to...
  14. kimomalcolmx

    CPA Content Locker and Cloaking, Twist/Doubt

    Hello BHW I have a idea with CPA or better sead CPL, I am new with CPA and content lockers My idea is this: Website A, online store say about electronics, the hook would be that to be able to see the stock of products and checkout options you would have to sing up on the website, actually you...
  15. Abdel GFX

    Should I Use A Cloaker ?

    Hello, in fact i have an Instagram account, and i want to provide an android game to download by using a content locker, so the question is should I use a cloaker for this or just putting the link on my bio is enough ? Thanks.
  16. badwhitewolf1

    Any sharecash reviews?

    Hey, anyone used sharecash and could say something about it?
  17. Ecodor

    [HELP] Android App Locker + Download Link

    Hi there i need a little help to setup the app for android, i have ready files just they need to be imported properly in Android Studio is someone here willing to help i would glady appreciate it. EDIT: There are explanation files inside the download link but something is not working for me i...
  18. G

    Which CPA network has the best mobile app wall ?

    I'm in the process of releasing some Android apps, and I plan on having a menu spot where players can "find more apps" or whatever that links to an app wall. Just curious as to which is the best out there ? Never really messed with them before Thanks
  19. Jaanu

    Any app locker for iPhone?

    I want free app locker for iPhone
  20. LockerWizPro

    [BETA TESTERS] 10 Beta Testers/Reviewers Needed For LockerWiz Pro - Content/Link/Download Locker

    Hello, I am looking for 10 beta testers and reviewers for a LockerWiz Pro, which is software used to create a content/download/link locker. This software is to be used by CPA affiliate marketers. Beta testers/reviewers will recieve 1 month membership of LockerWiz Pro to test and review the...
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