1. 2colt5

    Youtube+ CPA Question

    Hey guys another question for you lol, for those of you that use youtube+CPA, can I direct link to a content locker, or will youtube ban my account? I have never really used youtube, so am not at all familiar with it. I can create a landing page and content locker combined from my cpa network...
  2. mattoflawrence

    Locking another CPA offers or illegal content with OGAds

    Hi to all! I'm just trying my ways with OGAds and some questions appeared. And I ask for your experience. I think about two methods now: 1) Locking Maxbounty offers with OGAds content locker. 2) Locking illegal content, say movies (for downloads). Is this the best way to get ban from OGAds...
  3. B

    Trying to understand twitter

    I got my account locked several times and each time I just did a phone verification but it seems that after the first time, my account has been ghost flagged or something of the sort. If I follow even 10 people it will lock, if a like too many tweets it will lock, if I retweet too much it will...
  4. A

    Need traffic for a content lock on a very popular movie

    Hey there, I'm looking for a partner that can bring me traffic to what is at this time a very popular movie, which is content locked on MGCash. Got a good domain name and excellent landing page. We'll share 50/50. I'll pick the most reputable member on this subject. Send me a PM if interested.
  5. C

    Special Content Locker?

    So I encountered a ingenious type of content lock that I haven't been able to find anything about (i tried my best). The site requires you to post a short blurb and there link on 5 facebook fan pages before you can access the content. Does anyone know how this works, I am looking into using this...
  6. N

    Amazing! I didn't have to cut my masterlock... :D

    Good afternoon everyone.. :D Well, I just now put up my christmas tree... And it was going to go in my locked shed.... BUUUUUTTTTTTTT... I totally forgot the combination to it... Its only been two months since i had unlocked it right... Well then, so I was like how the hell am i going to get it...
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