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  1. HisAirness_23

    Unlock content with ads

    Hi there, I've been searching the forum for a while now but didn't find anything that would answer my question:/ I have a website that offers products for music production for free (created them myself). The download links are placed on different download pages and I added a few ads (with...
  2. adska

    Monetize your content with social network lock!

    Hello, some time ago i was searching website where i can lock url by facebook, twitter or something social web, but i found nothing similar to it :eek: only various scripts and wp plugins. I was really suprised, so decided to make it myself. Today I want to present lockframe.net where you can...
  3. GodLy

    YouTube Video Lock

    So any one has tried to add video locks on the video? :) Please share your exp and ideas..
  4. JohnsonDaniel

    [TWIST & CODE] My 100th Post - Another Twist to Locking your way to Daily $$$

    Hey All, To mark my 100th Post on BHW, I decided to share another method which makes me some consistent bank :) Don't miss my previous threads, so far I've shared a YOURLS plugin which automates shortening with iframing and executing code (locking, or other code), a couple of cool...
  5. B

    Lock Content

    First post SWEETTT!!!! ha Love this website. However is their something free out there where I can lock youtube videos for free. Basically it locks; but when that visitor clicks the link and fills out offer then they can watch the video. Or when they click the link it opens in a new window...
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