local lead plan

  1. tracksrail

    #FREE Local Leads List by Local Leads Studio

    Want to find Local Leads related to your niche? Here's help. We will scrape 60 Local Leads for your business and give you the List for Free. All you need to do is, leave a comment below (PM Sent), and PM us your 'geo targetted keyword' (e.g Dentist in Leeds, UK) and we will send you, your list...
  2. B.Shahin

    Any ideas to collect leads (for local clients)

    Hi, Just asking if some one here have ideas or can send me a link for a thread speaking about ideas to collect good leads from my local market I am planning to sell some services related to web apps/sites , social media services & SEO Some companies just making surveys via phone and promise...
  3. enigmaghost

    Local Lead Gen Strategy & Story

    In a thread posted over a year ago, a user was trying to figure out how he could manage being the "middle-man" of the local lead generation scene, where you rank locally and sell the prospects to the local contractors. More specifically the questions was: "If I am branding my online entity as...
  4. D

    477 Days to Get to £12k banks and £1k/Month - A New Dad's Journey (incl local lead gen)

  5. M

    Ongoing Wordpress and SEO

    Look, I'm too busy to sit around trying to learn how to build a local leads site that gets to the top of google and makes phones ring. Screw that. I'm looking for a person/company who will: Install Wordpress on my domains Install the theme and plugins I supply Do the on-page SEO for frontpage...
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