local business marketing

  1. 0

    Looking for local SEO expert

    Hello, I have a local brick and mortar sneaker business (Jordan, Yeezy, Supreme, etc.) and I need someone who would be able to get us ranked at or close to #1 on google. I already have a GMB and active website. There isn't a large amount of competition in my area, so I don't think it should be...
  2. I

    Local Biz Marketing Services To Offer....

    .Easiest, Most Profitable and Most Beneficial For Client? Anybody have anything I can sign up for and offer which is unique, easily understandable in terms of value, sensibly priced and most beneficial
  3. ddlmanager

    Local business SEO practices

    Hello everyone, after reading and learning a lot on this forum i decided to take action and i've just got my first contract with a small local crossfit affiliate box in my country. My job will be to re-create their website (yes, the actual one is really bad) and to rank it on the first...
  4. Reppiks

    My Journey to SEO Success ($100/Day Short-Term Goal) - Affiliate and Local SEO

    Greetings BHW, I love you guys! Today it starts! I am now confident enough and in a position to start a true journey. My short term goal is to get to bringing in an average of $100 USD / Day with little to no input by me every month. I have money set aside for investing in tools and...
  5. tracksrail

    #FREE Local Leads List by Local Leads Studio

    Want to find Local Leads related to your niche? Here's help. We will scrape 60 Local Leads for your business and give you the List for Free. All you need to do is, leave a comment below (PM Sent), and PM us your 'geo targetted keyword' (e.g Dentist in Leeds, UK) and we will send you, your list...
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