load time optimization

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    10 Tips That Will Make Your Website Load Faster

    It is pretty annoying when you try to open a website that takes ages to load. Not everyone is blessed with good internet speed and in the world where everything runs in the fast lane, slow loading websites are the worst mistake anyone can make. The worst thing that could happen with slow loading...
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    Site Speed Now Available in Analytics

    Read about it here: http://www.wpromote.com/blog/google/site-speed-report-now-available-google-analytics/ If you make a small tweak to your GA tracking code, you can now start viewing site speed information in your Analytics account. I think it's pretty awesome. It'll be very cool to be...
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    Webpage Load Speed: an often neglected key to high rankings

    When we think of SEO, we usually go to onsite factors like navigation and offsite factors like inbound links. However, it is important to note that load speed can have a significant effect on SERPs and traffic. Why do higher load speeds lead to higher rankings? - Users are more likely to...
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