1. Magnus Skyprivate

    [Long Term] Affiliate Program Account Manager

    Our story Our product is an adult-entertainment, human-to-human video calls marketplace covering international markets with the main focus on North-America, EU and Colombia. On top of it we had to build the fintech (payment) layer. is our affiliate program and one of the...
  2. Sartre

    Where's your dream place to live? Looking to move soon

    We're 3 years in the Canary Islands for now, and while the weather is nice, there are not a lot of big city opportunities here, shipping takes ages (sometimes up to 2 months), and it feels like a village, in general. The place went pretty much dead since COVID and never revived. Money is not an...
  3. A

    Best way to stream Tiktok interactive games

    Hello, So I started seeing many live interactive games on tiktok , with tons of users and interactions, so I went and made a few myself, I'm not saying they're AAA games, but they definitely look better than what's killing it on live. However I barely get any engagement. I don't think it's my...
  4. G

    Youtube livestream view to 5000 viewers

    I have a bot and proxy that can push the Youtube LIVE Stream to ~100 viewers, but not more. I need to push it to 5k viewers. I am offering $100 to anyone who can make me able to accomplish 5k viewers.
  5. C

    LF Working Twitch View Bot Oct 2022

    Hello, I'm looking for a resource for a working twitch live viewerbot. I'm scoured youtube / these forums but non really seem reliable to me, but I may be wrong or missing something. I don't mind buying the service or using proxies. I was told about using firefox containers but not sure if...
  6. A

    TikTok Live - shadowban?

    Hi, Need some help with avoiding shadowban when going live on TikTok via code. I'm using mobile API, lives are created properly, however they don't get FYP views (only followers views). Tx.
  7. R

    TikTok live stream viewer bot

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering if someone knows where I could find a bot that sends "viewers" to my live stream on TikTok. The hope is that the algo will think the stream is doing well and then send real viewers my way, resulting in new followers and gifts. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  8. S

    Youtube Stream Rank Up Algorithm discussion

    Hi all ! I noticed PaddyVu's article a long time ago about how the YouTube algorithm works. I wonder if anyone figured out the algorithm during the streaming? I stream almost every day from different channels, and I noticed that nothing depends on whether your stream gets into the suggested...
  9. S

    Can somebody advice the cheapest smm panel for YT livestreaming viewers?

    Hello guys! Can somebody advice the cheapest smm panel for YT livestreaming viewers? please don't advertise yourself panels
  10. Queen Heidi

    If you could live anywhere , where would it be ?

    TITLE -queen heidi : )
  11. K

    looking for yt ranking experts

    Hello everyone YouTube live streaming. 24 hour live streaming When searching for keywords, the 1st to 3rd images of page 1 are exposed Smm or program progress During this process, you will only be exposed for a short period of 30 minutes to 1 hour, after which you will not be exposed to...
  12. hazzi

    Will my YouTube shadow ban my channel if I do this?

    If I buy some views from a smm panel for my livestream will this affect my channel in bad way ?
  13. Josh Saga

    How often do you engage in pleasure?

    Well? What is it? And why that? And if it's not steamy spicy, why the hell not? Also, as the honorary lounge bum, I hereby announce: IT'S THE WEEKEND xoxo
  14. xlighter

    Instagram live mentions!

    Hey guys:) For past few months I have seen few people mention my page on their Instagram live. Of course I know there isn't a live going. :suspicious: I wanted to know how these people do this? If anyone knows share it with BHW fam.:) And Also,:suspicious: I want to know the current Instagram...
  15. Josh Saga

    Write Like You're Running Out of Time

    Its lyrics from a song from Hamilton the Musical This guy inspired me a lot when I was 19 - because he was 19 as well when he tried to make a name for himself back then. I was 19 when I became known in the photography industry in my country, and damn I even landed 4 Billboard Shoots at 19...
  16. streamer4

    I'm looking for the developer to make the Live Viewer Bot for Twitch.

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a live stream viewer bot with a simple interface, that will work 24 hours a day. It needs to work with proxy. It will be able to pull proxy lists automatically or manually. I can buy ready made, if any. Thank you.
  17. jonessaha

    HELP Using OBS studio

    Hello I have a question regarding OBS studio live streaming It can run multiple livestreams or only one using Looped video
  18. strumhk

    How Tiktok live stream sale from a picture

    Please check this picture, I screenshot yesterday. Very impressive and inspired . each phone is an account They pay about 1400 Usd to join the live stream.
  19. I

    Greetings from Alex

    Hello, BlackHat! I'm Alex, decided to join and share my > 7 years of expertise with online video technologies. ;) I appreciate an opportunity to learn from this epic community. Have a lovely day, everyone!
  20. O

    Build auto live sport streaming website

    hello blackhatworld i live in third tier country and my country doesn't care about google law or dcma so i wanted to star building a sport streaming website for one type off sport like nba(i can build and install them etc) the problem how to make it auto like update schedules of matches etc...
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