1. F

    Running a Giveaway Contest

    Hello, I want to giveaway a item to my subscribers through a contest. What is the best way to present it? Is there a template? How would I randomly pick a winner who enters? I notice most people doing this has these professional looking Official Rules... Is that necessary? Thank you:)
  2. FormerBoxer

    Stupid Mistake!

    I sent out a campaign to many subscribers with free shipping which is fine JUST for the US. I have a lot of international customers... I'm going to be paying big buck!
  3. blackstone37

    Discussion of list building from facebook fanpages

    So, I am finally going to put my big boy pants on and build a list from my facebook pages. The reasons for building a list are fairly obvious to most of you, but if not, reading a few threads here on BHW about list building should clue you in. I'm not going to give away the pages, but I have 4...
  4. S

    Free gift on listbuilding

    Hey guys! Just want to share this high value piece of content with the community. You also get a free email video bootcamp series hosted from successful 7-figure earning digital entreprenaur's. If interested, just PM me and let me know :)
  5. L

    The Best Website To Build A HUGE List?!!!

    Ok guys, there is this awesome website in which you can build your list. It is a website where all the TOP Joint venture partners hang out. But the best part there are also people there that are willing to build your list for free. I know there are lots in here that are looking ways to build...
  6. L

    Hello & Glad to be here...This Forum is Great!

    Hi! - My name is Betina and I live in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. It's a pleasure to meet everyone and I am looking forward to building some great business relationships with y'all! I joined about 3 hours ago and I have been reading various threads within this forum ever since. I have...
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