1. E


    Not sure how I've never found this forum before but better late than never. I own a web hosting company and saw a referral from here so I am checking the forum out.
  2. demilationcoder

    Fast c# web application deployment on Linux

    Hi! I'm probably delving into more of a DEVOPS question here, but I'm hopeful you can assist. I'm a C# programmer with limited expertise in Linux. However, as you know, .NET has been running on various operating systems and architectures for quite some time. When it comes to deploying small...
  3. CyberCommander

    it's time to show Microsoft the middle finger!

    hi guys the new terms & conditions of microsoft are really brutal. With the new AI, they take the right to scan all content on your device for copiright violations and delete your account. Microsoft will scan, monitor and patronize your entire life on your computer. Source: (you can translate...
  4. S

    Linux LUKS encryption security

    Hello everybody. Today i have a tutorial and a curiosity at the same time. Suppose you install a new physical disk to a computer where you must store some sensitive data. You can do this with the following commands: Find out what is the name of new disk (usualy it is /dev/sdX where X is...
  5. seancoder

    XAMPP vs LAMP for Starters.

    Which one would you suggest for a newbie when starting out, XAMP or LAMP. I know there is the issue of low budget when starting out but I had much more luck and bumped into fewer issues with LAMP ? What would you suggest to a starter from your experience ?
  6. handsomefrog

    How to Protect Privacy when I using Linux network?

    I've recently been experimenting with network monitoring on Linux. Have you guys ever wondered which processes are most actively using network connections on your computer? That was my thought, so I began searching for answers. nethogs First, I tried nethogs. It's truly a magical tool. It...
  7. massgod


    NEXT GENERATION VIRTUAL SERVERS FOR YOU Your cloud server is set up, adjusted and software/tool you want to use is delivered ready for you. You can also choose OS you want. >> NO NEED TO PAY EXTRA FOR WINDOWS OR OTHER OS! << Alma Linux 8, CentOS 7, CentOS 8, Debian 8, Debian 10, Debian 11...
  8. CyberCommander

    what is the best provider for managed linux hosting?

    what is the best provider for managed linux hosting? i need a provider which install a linux vm with an application and updates this regularly
  9. L

    Kali Linux with whoami or Linux tails?

    Hey, what do you guys use? Kali Linux with whoami and proxychains? Or Linux tails? :) Regards lakiko.
  10. M

    Nginx / Network administrator / Network Infrastructure Expert wanted

    Hey guys, We are looking for someone to take care of our servers and set up websites for us. The infrastructure is always the same: Domain -> Reverse Proxy -> Backend Server Which skills you should master perfectly: - Linux (Debian) - Nginx - Certbot / SSL Management - Configuring reverse...
  11. speedie

    Linux VPS only? Keeping the costs low

    Hey guys, So recently, I decided to move to Linux VPS with a much better spec (6 CPU cores, 600GB diskspace, and 16GB RAM) than my Shared hosting with Hostkoala. Now I'm kind of happier. Why I moved from Windows VPS to Linux: I was under-utilizing my Window server. Meaning I run Scrapebox...
  12. Ndiqi

    1gbps Unlimited Bandwidth SSD VPS / RDP ★ US, UK, EU, ASIA, Australia, Canada ★ Windows ✔️ MacOS ✔️ Linux ✔️ CentOS

    Hi there, Welcome, we're selling RDP / VPS service. Simple plan and pricing for your needs. All plans comes with 1gbps unlimited bandwidth. 1 Core 1GB RAM 30GB SSD Price: $10 / month 1 Core 2GB RAM 55GB SSD Price: $15 / month 2 Core 4GB RAM 80GB SSD Price: $20 / month 4 Core 8GB RAM...
  13. S

    I can not login to SSH

    I have a question about Linux server management. I'm using Putty on CentOS. For security reason,I setted root login prohibited and password authentication prohibited. I want to login with only key authentication. I made the settings like this. PermitRootLogin no PasswordAuthentication no...
  14. A

    Having problems with Linux installing apps... showing me error message. PLEASE HELP

    Kali Linux 2019.1 vbox unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get-update or try with --fix missing? THIS is the error message i keep getting and cant seem to fix it. The exact message shown is this: root@kali:~# sudo apt-get install terminator Reading package lists... Done Building...
  15. Evoxt | VPS & RDP | High CPU Frequency VMs | 3.5 GHz+ | Starting from $2.99

    Visit our website: Contact us: Telegram: @EvoxtOfficial Discord: evoxt#6251 Email: [email protected] Refund Policy If you are unsatisfied with our services, we do offer a full refund within the first 24 hours starting from when the order is deployed
  16. imccafey

    Happy Birthday Linux!

    A bit late to the party but how is your relationship with Linux? Is it a Love-Hate or a Hate-Hate? Mine's a Hate-Hate :suspicious:
  17. DamoHG

    HostGnome - US & EU ✅ 10Gbps ✅ Anonymous ✅ SEO Tools ✅ NVMe SSD ✅cPanel/Linux/Windows >> $3.99 << ➡️

    Hello BHW! HostGnome is a newly formed company that pursues offering the best hardware, amazing support and uptime for amazing prices in the competetative marketplace of Webhosting. We plan on offering wide ranges of hardware for what you the customer wants. We offer both premium and budget...
  18. kiks

    [Help] Linux AWS EC2 ec2-user

    I created an AWS AMI linux ec2 instance and Im log-inning as an ec2-user. If I try to login as root it gives me an error that it is advised to get connected as ec2-user . I get errors in whatever command I run, i found some articles for path variable But I cannot make it work.
  19. Digitly

    (WTH) Install proxy on my Linux server

    I am paying $5 to anyone who can install a proxy on my Linux server(Linode)
  20. JamesBondBro

    Hi friends!

    I'm Bond. James Bond. :cool::cool: I'm professional programmer with 12years experiense and Web-development skills. I gonna be useful for you in themes: PHP, design, Cryptography, Linux, Hostings, Mysql (mariadb), SQL, WordPress, Social Marketing methods, Creating e-commerce sites etc. I'm...
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