linkbuilding for a website

  1. ryuk

    Quora Linking

    Guys I have been trying to add a link to an Answer which ends up with a ban. Does anyone found a workaround or way to get away from the ban ?
  2. Mr Cool


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  3. P

    D0Follow Contextual Backlink DA-91 UR-84 [AHREFS]

    Go to Step 1. Create an account Step 2. Fill out your profile Step 3. Choose "New Post" Step 4. Write an article and include links where you would like Step 5. Include relevant tags
  4. P

    D0-Follow Backlink DA-50 Easy & Indexable

    Go to - 1. Sign up as SALES account 2. Fill out info and company name/website 3. Configure Email 4. Go to account > Sales > View
  5. new_don

    How to rank a tech news/tech review website

    Hi, I have created a new tech news website/tech review website and i want to know how to rank it. It's a .com fresh domain. And post frequency will be 5-10 post of 300 words daily and 1 long article around 1500-2000 words daily. Which backlinks we need to create and in what proportions I am...
  6. W9go

    foreign Webpage - anchor in english speaking pages

    hi i am wondering if someone has testet if you have a foreign webpage and order links if it is better to use the english kw or the foreign one. Does google translate the english anyhow or does the english not really help to boost your foreign KW ?
  7. Ash1

    SEO Link Building Health&Wellness

    Date: 11-Aug-2019 Hi Guys, So I have started Outreaching many websites through Email from July 11th,2019 as I am looking to increase the authority of our website (whom I'm working for). Current DA = 40 Although I was irregular till now, I have reached out to many websites around 250. And...
  8. J

    New Motor Boat Site -Newbie so need to learn to rank help please

    Hi im a bit of a novice at SEO and only ever really played around with it before (i own a motor boat engineering company) I have recently been given an opportunity to market/sale a brand new boat in the UK Its Norwegian built they are high ticket selling for over 100k - so locally I can do this...
  9. ailia

    Free Reviews web2.0 + Blog Post

    Hello BHW Members, We are offering 10 Review Copies Of web 2.0 and blog Post, 3 readable Unique Articles will be used in 4 high authority web2.0 properties and 1 readable article(500+words) will be used in high authority Blog. In return, we expect honest and detailed feedback from you...
  10. loknath.tcms

    Which is the Best Automatic software for creating high authority Backlinks

    Which is the Best Automatic software for creating high authority Backlinks
  11. javadth

    home page+sidebar links or inpost and in article links ?

    hi after google big updates that affect links and link building now I have a question based on your experiences, whats the best method to make a backlink? putting the link in homepage & sidebar or header & footer menu ?? or using links in posts and articles ??
  12. FourArrows

    Free High DA ******** back links - beginner

    Dear Friends, I have found some High DA sites which gives you DO FOLLOW links from your profile. I found this while building links for my site. What you have to do is, just signup and give your website in your profile I hope this was helpful. DA:98 PA:91 MOZ Rank:9.1
  13. nifras

    SEO cost For low competition keyword ?

    How much You suggest to pay for rank low competition (below 20&) higher volume keyword
  14. GRABBA

    [ JV ] Building Affiliate Websites To Bring Home The Bacon $$$$$$$

    Hey BHW I'm looking to kick off the new year with this JV. We will be building out authority sites and driving traffic from different sources to bring in the bacon $$$. We will be focusing on different types of content such as: Niche Content (Blog) Social Media Content Link Building Content...
  15. A


    Following are the simple and short SEO techniques that will help to get traffic to website - Understanding the use of meta title and description (Recommend) - Knowlefge of keyword placement - Submit your business to local niche website (Recommend) - Yes link building still matter (Social...
  16. M

    I'm looking for someone who can help me with LinkBuilding for a website.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who can help me with LinkBuilding for a website. The goal is to position the website on the first page, position 5/6 in a short time. We are not interested in being penalized, it is important to stay two months in the top 5/6. We offer attractive salary I...