link injection

  1. magicjones

    Can't figure out this link injection

    My competitor has dominated the niche with tons of backlinks from URLs that look like this There are over 50 of these, I'm assuming injected, listing pages on high ranking legitimate business websites...
  2. S

    What is Link Injection? How it helps to improve rankings?

    Hi, I heard this term from an SEO expert but he didn't explain it very well. Does it help in improving the SEO of your website? If yes, how?
  3. indianfreak

    [HELP!] Hidden external links injected into WP site!

    Unmask Parasites website displays that the following external links have been found on my posts: • <A> hidden Im Herzen des Tales - • <A> hidden Jean Pauls Briefwechsel mit seinem Freunde ... -...
  4. C

    injecting links into buddypress member posts/pages/custom post types

    Hi everyone, forgive me if I sound ignorant, I am an extreme newbie to this. I was just wondering if anyone could guide me to any kind of plugin,softwaresolution, script, or just plain info, that might be able to allow me to inject posts or custom post types that my buddypress members create...
  5. mystery

    Link Injection - Anyone Care to Share?

    Hello everyone, was wondering how we can go about doing it.... link injection.... as in injecting your links to pages/posts of other sites/blogs exploiting some vulnerability.. Is there no tool to help with this? Thanks....
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