link farm evolution

  1. L

    Link Farm Evolution

    Anybody use this? Anybody notice it is not working? Anybody know the developer? All the catch all email domains were allowed to expire, my emails to support are going unanswered. I paid $300 for this product, and they are still selling it. They should still be supporting it and making it work!
  2. L

    Link Farm Evolution,anyone use?

    i need a list of LFE wpmu hosts that can be activated, anyone use this seo tools and can you give me some list? still i can change my list with you too...
  3. M

    Link Farm Evolution

    Hi BHW Members, I am interested in purchasing Link Farm Evolution, but wanted to get some opinions of others who have used Link Farm Evolution before. What are some of the benefits of the program and what are the negatives. I would really appreciate some insight on this one seeing as it is...
  4. winneralias

    LFE vs Scrapebox

    Hi everyone, I am hesitating between buying Link Farm Evolution OR Scrapebox. The two pieces look like they complement each other, but there is a substantial difference in the price. Please advise if you used any? I would rather use both but i am not in a period of abundance...
  5. J

    Best way to automate posting on Link Farm Evolution?

    Looking for advice from experienced users of LFE on the best way to automate posting. At the moment I have stacks of content available for posting, but its a slow process of posting content to each blog. Im not using dupe or spun content which I know would be a lot easier to mass post. Instead I...
  6. blackguy81

    Need Someone with "Link Farm Evolution (LFE)"

    I need someone who have got Link Farm Evolution (LFE) and also very much skilled to use it. I'm looking for the guys- 1.) Those who have bought this tool for their personal use, but now it's just gathering digital dust in your hard-drive- 2.) Those who have bought it for professional...
  7. B

    LFE vs. SENUKE

    Which of this tools you used and appear to bring more valuable backlinks for your sites ?
  8. P

    Question: How do you use LFE (Link Farm Evolution)?

    Hi. I'm struggling a little bit with the right process to use LFE. It's probably great to create sites who are pointing to your money pages. But how do you use it exactly? Do you put articles with a link to your money page? Do you just add links to the blogroles? Do you ping / social...
  9. B

    How do i get Cloakfish proxies to work? please help

    We've recently purchased Scrapebox, Link farm evolution and bookmarkwiz and needed to get some private proxies. So my boss kind of rushed ahead and purchased 1 months 15 private proxies a day from Cloakfish. I've got cloakfish working through my browser, But, is there a way that i can get that...
  10. J

    Senuke vs LFE

    Let's have a discussion about these two squared off against one another. From my experience the folks at Senuke have an active forum where there are many tuts and the program is constantly updated sometimes weekly. It also has a very apt social bookmarking section, RSS feed submission and...
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