link extracting

  1. iisark

    Which Software is The Best for Checking External Links in Huge Domain Database

    Hi Guys, I need an advise on which software is the best for checking external links in huge domain database. Lets say I have a list of 2 000 000 domains. I need a software to: 1. craw all that domains 2. find all external links 3. save the data in a file. If one of the domains in the domain...
  2. B

    Scrapebox tip needed

    Hi, guys, I am scraping a directory site. I would like to pull every external link that goes to the listed company's site, which is in a green button (<a href="TARGET URL HERE" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" class="button-link btn btn-green-sl btn-sm sl-ext">Visit Website<span...
  3. Inforequeter3

    EMail Extracting, Email Parsing, Email Harvesting

    Could anyone tell me how some of the email harvesters out there are able to parse multiple web pages a one time and extract thousands of emails within a matter of a few mins. Are they using web browser control or is there another method cause I have tried extracting links and text in Visual...
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