link directory

  1. F

    A new kind of Adult Directory ( add all your links, pin, blogs import , etc )

    Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys my adult directory which is different from anything out there. Add all your links, new Link it button for easy sharing ( as long as you follow the rules, no underage stuff, etc ) Add pins ( include pin it button for easy pining ) Add feeds Add /...
  2. codeman1234

    Need a directory script

    Hello, I am looking to create a Link Directory and I would like if anyone can recommend me the best script to do so, I was looking at phplinkdirectory and it seems to be what I am looking for, does any one have use it? Is it the right choice for me? Cheers!!
  3. C

    Personal Link Directory question

    hopefully this is in the right place - it's link building right? Anyways, I've installed the Roo Link Directory plugin onto a WP page and set it all up okay and my question is: how likely is it that people will find it to add links to? I know people are saying the link directory thing is...
  4. sfidirectory

    Added new link submission types to my phpLD directory

    Hi all, I posted a thread a few days ago announcing my web directory, now I have decided to cancel compulsory registration for people wanting to submit their sites as I think that may be a turn off. If you are looking for another phpLD powered directory to submit...
  5. sfidirectory - feel free to submit your links here!

    Hi all, after all these years I have finally purchased PHPLD and have now set up my directory at To try and cut down on spam submissions you have to register a free account before submission. You can also submit your articles as well (they will take longer to be...
  6. sfidirectory

    Have purchased, need suggestions on free/paid directory script

    Hi everyone, Last night I was just mucking around on the net and seen that was an available domain name for purchase so I purchased the domain name and paid for 1 years worth of hosting. It looked like an ideal name for a link directory site, which I have been wanting to...
  7. ghassan1988

    Link Directory Submitter is it worth it?

    Anyone tried this one before, it claims to submit your site to over 2700 link directories inculding dmoz :p which is almost impossible for new sites or sites intended for aff marketing. I also doubt the success rates that you get from this tool?
  8. kesoh

    Wp linkdirectory plugin

    I looked on here for this plugin and I did not see it I seen a link directory plugin on here but not this on If this WP-plugin is on here I am sorry... Here is the main download link You can look at how the WP-Plugin Directory...
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