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    Link based spam analysis techniques-question

    Hello! I have a short question. Which techniques do you use to perform a link based spam analysis? How do you "hack" penguin? :) Thank you for answers. Have a nice day! Best regards, Ivry. Disclaimer: I need something else than anchor text ratio technique or relative mass.
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    Is it correct way, to decrease spam score?

    Currently I have found that few post get linked from high spam score websites. There spam score number between 65 to 40. this spam score website not shown in google console only shown in moz explorer. If i will delete those pages from my website, is there chance to boost my SEO ranking...
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    What is Link audit? And is it important part of website SEO?

    I was reading about the SEO factors, I saw the link audit terms. Please help me to understand about link audit and how i do it for my website?
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