1. xWGx

    24 million likes on a brand new account? WTF?

    I don't get it. One post. 24 mil likes. 2.4 mil followers. What is happening?
  2. harold johnson

    YouTube bot

    I need to find someone to create a simple YouTube bot that does views, comments, upvotes, comment likes and shares, I need it to be very simple and easy to use or if there are some already out there please help me by helping me find one
  3. J

    Accounts getting banned even with Proxy IPs

    Hi All, I've been reading through the forums and searching the net and I can't find any answer. I used socinator and jarvee but I was not successful. My boss wants me to get 100 accounts to automatically like his posts and also sometimes control it manually. I assigned separate Proxy IPs for...
  4. J

    Likes for Likes?

    Im looking for a website or some way to gain likes for photos
  5. S

    German Likes

    Hey, does anyone know a panel where there are German Likes? Or also from Switzerland, Austria. Best regards
  6. J

    Help, no likes when using old account

    Hey guys, Many years since I’ve been here, but now I’m on it again and already have some questions hehe. I had a old acc with 13k followers and decided to make it live again, deleted all the old posts, made some unfollow and got a temporary ban which now are gone. So to the problem. I’m only...
  7. A

    Behance Likes & Comments

    Hi I'm looking for Behance Likes & Comments from real accounts with activity. Please PM with price, amount and delivery time!
  8. A

    Is it possible to fake engagement on instagram?

    Hey.. Is it possible to create fake looking comments and likes on an ig page that you own and make that engagement look real? Perhaps each of the commenters and likers could have their own picture sets that those pages themselves look real? I mean how deep is anyone gonna go to understand this...
  9. achetetonbuzz

    Hiring french seo

    Hello! I am Jake and work with social media services in France, i am currently looking for prices for instagram, facebook and twitter likes, views, followers.. I only need french profiles, is someone here ready to work? Thanks
  10. achetetonbuzz

    Hello my new friend

    Hello! i am Jake from France, i sell social media services trough instagram and my website. I am happy to join your community, my main reason to be here is to find people to work with that can provide french services or anything linked to France in order to start a new work relationship. Kind...
  11. cosmo89

    What should i do with my 317k followers FB page?

    I have a Facebook page which have over 317k organic followers, who are mostly from Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, India and Brazil. My page is about women's shoe. 90% of them are women, who are at 18 -24 age. Getting nearly 50 -70 price requests over messenger. So my question is, what should i...
  12. KJREDDY247@

    [Giveaway] 100 Views for your instagram Video Post

    Hey everyone, As mentioned in the title I will give 100 views for your last video posted on your Instagram, for the first 50 people comments on this thread. Requirements: You must be a member of BHW at least from the last 1 month. Make sure your insta profile is not in private. Post on this...
  13. P

    Youtube Ranking!

    Hey there... Does anyone have a way rn to rank on the first page for any keyword on youtube? Ik that youtube views likes etc have been fixed since the recent youtube update. Please lmk! Thanks, Pulaski