1. loopline

    Obtaining Merch Licenses from Brands

    So Ive sold some merch that was giving allusion to a brand, and it went really well. Thats of course not legal, and Im not doing it now (although it was stumbled upon by accident and we were not aware it was giving allusion to a brand, then later found out why it was selling, lol) At any...
  2. outscrape

    Best licensing software/addon for .Net program?

    Planning on adding licensing to a product I'm working on and haven't ever needed to worry about licensing in the past. Any software devs here have a preferred 3rd party licensing product they use? Right now looking at Other options--...
  3. M

    Care to tour me around?...

    Hey there! I am a newbie and would like to know more about the interesting stuffs going on here at Black Hat World. Care to tour me around? Morong Ecozone Inc. Philippines
  4. K

    ClickWrap Agreement - How Do You Make One?

    Hey Guys, How do you make and add a 'clickwrap agreement' to your website? Anyone have any experience in this?
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