1. L

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  2. ziko12345

    Can someone explain this to me?

    A year ago i saw a small channel blowing up in a short time in youtube. The channel then got terminated and then the previous owner opened another channel witht the same name and blew up again in a very short time. I got curious and i downloaded some of his videos and uploaded on my channel...
  3. D

    Publishing a GPL without a GPL???

    Hi BHW programmers and developers, I recently came across a GPL licensed Source Code, liked it so modified it in the idea to commercialize. Only later I discovered that if I want to distribute/commercialize, I have to give away the code for free after getting paid and they can just sell it for...
  4. AmazingLicense

    Genuine ESET Antivirus License Keys (Windows, Mac, Android) [Low Price]

    Welcome to AmazingLicense Store! Accepting orders! How to purchase: 1) Comment on this thread or contact me through PM. 2) I'll send you the payment details. 4) Receive the license key Instantly after payment. 5) Activate the software & enjoy your security! 6) Leave a...
  5. S

    VideoProc V3.2 License Free

    I am back! Developer of VideoProc, Digiarty Software, prepared 20 copies of VideoProc for blackhatworld Mac users: Code: DBTBW-7R6IK-TG4J2-QX5PV ---> Only for Mac users! ---> First come, first served! ---> Please active the code before May.17, 2019. About VideoProc: VideoProc is a...
  6. S

    Free License Manager

    Hello. Does anyone know a free license manager? Like where you can add license keys for your program and give them to users. I want to manage the date they expire and make sure a key can only be used once. It doesn't necessarily have to be free, but rather cheap if not.
  7. H


    hey guys i just bot followliker bot from (instagram edition) but did not received email about license or download link. I checked everything (spam,trash) its been like 7 hours but nothing. please tell me what can i do.
  8. L

    Content license for my blog

    I have seen that there is a website called Creative Customs which is providing licenses for websites. I have found i license I need with asks to credit the original content site, but it also asks for linking to that license, because it's free and bla bla bla. Is there a license that doesn't ask...
  9. ased2235

    Can anyone nulled this

    Hi i am trying to nulled this but no luck so far. can anyone help me please here are the code that calls the license verify SettingsController.php <?php defined('MW_PATH') || exit('No direct script access allowed'); /** * SettingsController * * Handles the settings for the application *...
  10. F

    Followliker VPS License Error

    Hello everyone! First of all, sorry if this post is in the wrong category - from searching a bit now i think it should be appropriate tho. So here's my problem/question, maybe someone knows an answer to it: I've bought Followliker a few days ago and after having it on my computer first, I...
  11. colorme

    Follow Liker License Server is Down

    If you're running Follow Liker, don't stop the program. Follow Liker website and license server seems to be down. If you restart Follow Liker, it won't be able to communicate with the license server, and thus, you won't be able to run the program. You'll just get a failed to start, please try...
  12. V

    youtube license and videos help

    i have some questions about youtube. 1: is there any difference between creative commons and youtube standard license? 2: I have seen some channels who are posting high-class channels(star plus India/colors tv India etc) videos and they have no strike they are earning well enough how is this...
  13. bekti

    Any good wordpress themes with developer license?

    Don't know where to post it so have chosen to do it in the lounge. So I am looking to start a legit local business and I would want to know what are some good themes with developer licenses? Them having visual composer or a drag and drop builder would be a huge plus. Just looking to build simple...
  14. P

    Free 2k cost Ninjatrader full License/trading Software

    I am giving up my Ninjatrader trading platform, since I will not be able to get refund. hence, anyone is welcome to use my multiple brokerages license and download the software for fee. This is 2k cost license, the license number is: 1958-6176-85F7-F2A7-AE55-5383-22CF-3C9B To download the...
  15. B

    Amazon EC2 for running SEO software?

    Hey guys I'm curious if anyone has had success using Amazon EC2 (elastic compute cloud) to run their seo software? Correct me if I'm wrong but the advantages would be: Remotely controlling a windows desktop that has presumably fiber optic connectivity Scalable resources of ram and processing...
  16. axcer

    [HELP] Understanding the Envato Extended License

    I've been trying to understand the Envato Extended license but I've been moving round n round. My question is : If I buy a product with extended license, Can I resell the item with some modification. In my case, I want to change the language of the product and sell as it is. Is it allowed or...
  17. T

    [S]uBot studio Developer!

    Hello guys! I created new account here to offer for sa-le my license of uBot studio developer edition. It is really good software to make some bots for yourself or to se-ll. You can do ANYTHING from acc creator, autofollowers to advanced scrappers and more. And it is very easy to learn and...
  18. S

    Ultimate demon license for sale

    Hey guys i want to sell my lifetime ultimate demon license code. If you are interested let me know.
  19. vivek.verma

    Help me to remove Footer links of smthemes

    Well i have already read all the previous threads related to this topic, but i am still unable to delete the footer links. I am using JAZZ musician theme, i can email you the theme or can give you the team viewer access. Please help me out guys it's urgent.
  20. L

    how to download file from torrent site legally ,and share it legally with file locking

    i want to know . where i can get public sources, free content(such as ebook,video,game) available sharing through torrent file with sharecash get in to blackhatworld as a new member i got lots of idea and thoughtful idea from many postbut only thing i find was i can make money through sharecash...