1. minorityre

    [LF ADVICE] I have a NSFW girl and anime image site with 60~ organic users a day

    Analytics https://imgur.com/a/k8D1SLG I have this site for about 2 years now. Its an auto site, I take pictures and gifs from nsfw subreddits with a rss plugin and literally put it on the site. I guess people come here for the pre fap, to oil motors. I get from 60 to 100 users a day, about 40...
  2. tidalrhodes

    Adult Video Site & DMCA Volatility

    I'm cooking an idea of an adult-oriented video site with a couple of fetishes as the central theme. I've got good sources for the material and the time to do the ceaseless uploading. As well as the tagging, organizing, and writing up saucy long-tail keywords, descriptions etc. I've researched...