learning to code

  1. I

    [Journey] Becoming an entry full stack developer in 600 hours of training

    Hello BHW, I'll start this thread to stay motivated while I learn full-stack development. The main reason would be to keep practicing the exercises on homework days since the program I will study leaves a significant amount of practice for the students to do on their own. To finish the...
  2. Kemakevin

    How to make a website like manga and anime streaming.

    I dont know where to post about this thread. Sorry if im wrong. (English is my second language) Maybe this is sound dumb, I wanted to learn any programming/webdesign to achieve that kind of skill. Is there any tutorial or program for me? (Willing to buy) I will dedicate my time to learn about...
  3. William702

    Learning to Code Question.

    I have spent some time reading a few posts and wanted to confirm that python would be the best language to learn in order to build a web scraper? I have zero coding knowledge or experience and thought I would be better off learning Java to start off with but after reading some posts and some...